Scenic World Blue Mountains NSW


Scenic World in the Blue Mountains of Australia is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. This stunning attraction offers breathtaking views of the lush valleys and towering cliffs of the Blue Mountains, providing visitors with a truly immersive experience in the beauty of the Australian wilderness. Whether you choose to explore the area by taking a ride on the world's steepest railway, gliding through the treetops on the scenic cableway, or walking along the elevated boardwalks, Scenic World offers a unique perspective on this UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. With its stunning natural landscapes and thrilling activities, Scenic World is a place where visitors can truly connect with the wonders of the Australian bush.


The rides can be bought as a bundle which includes the incline, cable car and walk in 2.4km long walkway in the Southern Hemisphere. 



Blue Mountains NSW, NSW, Australia
Scenic World, Prince Henry Cliff Walk, Sydney NSW 2780, Australia
Geographic coordinates: (-33.7289369, 150.3012608)
Map location might not be exact