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Exploring Melaka in Malaysia

Malacca is a great tourist destination if you are planning a day excursion or a couple of days away from Kuala Lumpur. Located south at a distance of approximately 120km, Malacca is an easy 1.5-hour drive. If you plan to rent a taxi cab from the city a premier taxi would charge around 400 ringgit for a day trip to Malacca. Malacca is a world heritage city to provide a beautiful insight into the history of the region through centuries.

Malacca gained significance during colonial rule along with Penang and Singapore providing access to hinterland becoming the heart of commercial activities. In the last century, it faced a downturn with Singapore becoming the centre of trade and shipping the region. Malacca has a lot of appeal for tourists as it carries marks of various occupations ranging from French, Portuguese and British each leaving its distinct mark on the culture, architecture and history of the area.

For tourist keen on exploring the history of the region, Malacca offers an ideal opportunity to explore a large number of museums, historical building and forts. The rich historical past of the region with remnants of French and Portuguese culture, Malacca offers a great destination for travellers interested in visiting historical building and museums. Malacca is popular for its museums. The city has a mix of the population with Chinese migrating from south China establishing Hokkien, Cantonese, Hainese and Haka culture and traditions.

Early Chinese settlers married local women and created a unique culture called Baba Nonya where Baba stands form man and Nyonya for women. This culture introduced its own variation of cooking, handicrafts and procelin. The woman in Konya restaurants cook and men serve. The servings are small and food is impeccable and unique Nonya restaurants. 'During your stay in Melaka explore Indian and Nonya food to experience authentic flavours of the region. Baba House in Malacca offers an insight into Nonya Culture and lifestyle of Baba Nonya people. 

he heritage area of the city includes historic Jhankar walk with plenty of cafes, hawker food cafe and arts and hand-craft shops. Jankar walk is quite popular with tourists and full of life in the evening where you can try local desserts and delicacies of the region or sip ice cold beer at Geograher Cafe. Some of the best hotels in town including Majestic Hotel Malacca and Equatorial Hotel Malacca offering cooking classes as part of the accommodation package. Majestic Hotel Malacca is one of the premier hotels

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