Pankgor Island Perak Pankgor Island Perak
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Exploring Pangkor Island in Perak

Pangkor is located around 250km north of Kuala Lumpur. The nearest city to Pangkor Island is Lumut. If driving by car the easiest way is to follow AH2 northbound and exit near Gopeng. The Pangkor Island consists of Pangkor Laut, Giam Island, Mentagor Island and Simpan Island. These islands are popular destinations for tourism and fishing. The interior of the island is home to over 60 species of reptiles. The popular beaches at Pangkor include Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah and Coral Beach.

How trave to Pangkor Island from Kuala Lumpur?

The quickest and easiest way to reach Pangkor Island is to drive from Kuala Lumpur. The road network between KL and various cities across mainland Malaysia is amazing. Follow the National AH2 to Route 58, following Highway 5 to Sitiwan and Lumut. 

The traffic slows down on two-way roads once you get off the freeway. The road network, however, is efficient and takes around a total of 5 hours to reach Lumut. There is no private transport access to the Island. You will need to catch a ferry from Marina. The bus service does not exist at Marina, you will need to catch a taxi from Lumut waterfront area to Marina Ferry Terminals. 

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I have rented cars from KLIA2 several times and driven to Ipoh, Taiping and Lumut. With a car, it is very easy to explore small towns and places of an attraction along the way. Some resorts are located at the outskirts of the city and it is quite difficult to commute to Lumut city in the evening. 

Alternatively, you can catch a bus from BTS Terminal in Kuala Lumpur to Lumut. This is also a convenient and very cheap option.

Catching a  Ferry from Lumut to Pangkor Island

Once you reach Lumut, you can catch a ferry from Lumut to Pangkor Island. The ticket is 10RM. The ferry frequency is every half-an-hour and the travel time is under 20 minutes. Once you get off the ferry, there are a number of restaurants and cafes along the jetty area. Public transport can take you around the island Island or different resorts located along the coastline.

Pangkor Laut is a luxury Island Resort offering private ferry pickups at the Marina Jetty. Compare rates for Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Island Ferry

Pangkor Island has some resorts and hotels available. It is a good idea to book a resort or villa beforehand if you plan to stay for more than one day. Most resorts have their own private beaches and provide easy access to water sports. 

Ferry to Pangkor Island

However, if you want to enjoy the best of Pangkor, stay at Swiss Garden Resort at Lumut  located at the outskirts of Lumut. The resort is spread over 16 acres and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including a day tour to Pangkor Island, golf course & beach sports etc. 

Swiss Island Resort Lumut

Check out current prices at Swiss-Garden resort

Swiss Island Resort

Private Beach At Swiss Garden at Damai Laut

Pirate Bay Resort

Pirate Bay Restaurant offering Seafood Buffet Dinner overlooking the ocean at Swiss Garden Damai Laut


Once you get off the boat, there is a number of options to move around the island. The easiest is to hop on a taxi that takes from 10 to 70 ringgit depending on how far you want to go. You can also rent scooters for 20 ringgit a day. 

Pangkor Island water sports

Water Sports at Pangkor Island

Things to do at Pangkor Island 

Pangkor Island is an amazing place to indulge in "nature experiences". The island has thick forests which are more than 2 million years old. This location is ideal for a tropical jungle adventure with a guided tour to explore rich flora and fauna on the Island. The trek also provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy amazing views of Island.

Boating Tours and Adventures & Fishing Charters  

Rent a boat for a day to explore the amazing Island destinations, swimming spots and bays around the Pangkor Island. Enjoy sailing in the strait of Malacca and enjoy amazing views along the way. 

If you are into fishing charter a boat to Pulau Sembilan after lunch with our professional fishing guide.  A number of fish species found in this region include bigeye tuna, barracuda, giant trevally and queenfish. 

Watersports at Pangkor Island

A number of activities are available at Water Sports Center. You can explore the amazing spots on the Island in Kayak, enjoy waterskis or rent a catamaran for an ocean excursion.

For water lovers, a varied selection of watercraft is available for hire at the Water Sports Centre. Choose to explore the island in a kayak or enjoy windsurfing. Safety rental equipment is available at the centre for safety reasons. 

If you prefer to stay local and enjoy water sports with your family there are a number of operators available along with the beach offering the following water activities. 

  • Banana Boat
  • Water Skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing Trips
  • Island Hopping

Make sure you are carrying your sunscreen as the weather get hot and sunny. Also, if you plan to indulge in water sports it is a good idea to find accommodation for a day at Pangkor Island.

Local service providers on the Island provide Island Hopping Tours in Pangkor Island where you can explore:

  • Pangkor Island Resort ( A 5 Star Resort on a private Island)
  • Coral Bay
  • Whale Rock
  • Foot Rock 
  • Nipah Bay
  • Monkey Bay
  • Turtle Rock

pangkor island perak

Ozasiatraveller exploring Pangkor Island

Most of these locations offer shallow clear water that is ideal for snorkelling and swimming. Most of the service providers are located along the coast where you can find some shops and basic cafes and restaurants. You will need to hire a bike or catch a van that goes around the Island for under 5RM. This is an interesting way to explore various parts of the Island. 

Water sports in Pangkor

Some banners posted by Water Sports Providers along beach area in Pangkor

A high-end accommodation is Pangkor Laut Resort costing on average of $A 300 per night. The services offered are world-class and you will have to book your own speed boat to get to the resort. 


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Pangkor Island Perak

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