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Shaukat Ali

It all started in 2009 during my first solo road trip through Malaysia. I rented a car at Kuala Lumpur Airport and head north following the freeway signs to Genting Highlands. The road network in Malaysia is amazing and ideal for a driving trip. I took to unchartered roads, driving through Ipoh, Cameron Highlands to the fascinating city of Taiping. I was fascinated by the rich cultural experience of travelling in Malaysia. The weather-beaten tropical buildings, steaming heat, hot and spicy food and allure of unknown destinations were too much to resist. The journeys continued till 2019. Staying at home gave me a chance to reflect on my years of travelling and I decided to pull out all the pictures and reconstruct the story. 

My romance with Malaysia continued for a couple of years before the budget airlines made it easier to hop on the plane and be in any ASEAN country in a couple of hours. I collected a lot of information along the way and took pictures of the places I visited. The information repository kept on building up as I put more mileage on my road trips. By 2016 I explored almost all major cities in mainland Malaysia. 

Driving through small country roads, stopping by to enjoy food at roadside cafes give an interesting insight into the laid-back and interesting lifestyle of rural Malaysia. I am fascinated with cultural experiences, visit museums and enjoy the local cuisine. I document all of my travel experiences on my website. 

Through the years, I have followed into Anthony Bourdain's culinary journies and visited most of the restaurants in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Currently based in Sydney, I am trying to capture interesting events and useful information for solo and family travellers. Join me in my journey.

My favourite destinations in Malaysia include: