Central Market
Kuala Lumpur

Visit Central Market - Pasar Senai

Established in 1888 Pasar Senai is one of the oldest markets in Kuala Lumpur. The heritage building is home to a number of shops representing diverse culture and crafts of Malaysia.
Pasar Senai is  a great place to shop Batik, souvenirs, handicrafts, artwork and many local products manufactured in Malaysia. 
This market is  a must visit location for cultural lovers. 
My favorite Nyonya Restaurant, Precious Old China is located on the first floor of this building and serves original Nyonya or Peranakan sytle dishes. 
Kasturi Walk and Petaling Street are located right next to the central Market. Annexe market is a terrific place for contemporary art. 

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Quick facts about central Market - Pasar seni

A cultural centre

Central Market is a center of cultural events and different vendor display wares and products based on various important cultural events such as deepvali for Hindus, Hari Raya Festivals for Muslims and merchandise for Chinese new Years Festivals

What to buy at the Central Market

Central Market is a great place to buy cultural artifacts, local clothing including batik, tribal crafts from boreno, collectibles and antiques, gifts, toys for children and products that are unique to Malaysia. The ARCH collection and Royal Selangor are two brands that uniquely identify Malaysian cultural heritage. 

How to get to Central Market

Use either GO KL Bus for an easy access to Central Market. Alternatively, Pasar Seni LRT Station is walking distance from the Markets. 

Exploring the local crafts at the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur

 The Old Historic Walk starts from at Tourism Bureau and pass through some prominent landmarks including Old Market Square, Chinatown, Merdeka Square and Eco Park.

 Eating Out in Kuala Lumpur City

One of my favorite Nyonya Restaurants, Precious Old China is located on the first floor or the Central Market. The restaurants served Authentic Perankan Cuisine in its true flavors. Try blue dyed rice with vegetable cooked with Belacan Sauce .......

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some photos from my visit to central market kl

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