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Ipoh is an important historical town 250 km North of Kuala Lumpur City. The towns history goes back to early 20th century when tin mining was the major industry in the area. 
Ipoh has became a popular tourist attraction for a number of cave formation, cave temples, interesting mix of cuisine and its proximity to the Cameroon Highlands and Taiping.
Interesting architecture of Ipoh is remnant of rich colonial era. Fragments of Ipohs rich history is captured in wall murals painted by local artists in various part of the city.  

Things to do in Ipoh

Ipoh has a great mix of Malay and Chinese population and the food scene is great to explore if you are planning culinary adventure in Ipoh.
This amazing city is the birthplace of Malaysian white coffee. Green Town is the center of foodie activities with a number of modern food outlets and food street in the night time. I enjoyed Western food at the Healys Mac, a beautiful Irish Pub in Green Town Area of Ipoh. 
If you are into local Malay food, Cheong Fun, Hakka Mee, Assam Laska and Curry Mee are some must try local indulgences available at a number of small local cafes across town. 
For kids, Lost World of Tambun is an amazing location for a day excursion. Lost World of Tambun is a Sunway Theme Park with plenty of attractions, water sports and outdoor adventures for kids and adults alike.  

Cave Temples

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Lost World of Tambun

Best experiences

Enjoy amazing hot spas at Lost World of Tumbun. The steam tunnels and hot water springs are open till midnight. Spend a day a the Lost World of Tambun Park and relax in the hote steam baths located adjacent to the Park. 

Hots Spas at Lost World of Tambun

Explore amazing historical buildings of Ipoh including the Ipoh Train Station, build during colonial era by British Architect Arthur Hubbard. The next in line is the "Taj Mahal of Ipoh" , Majestic Station Hotel.  Han Chin Pet Soo, is the Hakka miners club. Hakka triads controlled the underwood of Ipoh in tin mining era. 

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Where to stay in Ipoh Perak?

Kinta Riverfront Hotel and Suites

Kinta Riverfront Hotel is a great place to stay in the downtown area of Ipoh. 

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