Genting Strawberry & Lavendar Gardens

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms is a very popular destination for a day trip from Kuala Lumpur. Most day-trippers to Genting Highlands stopover at the farms for an hour before catching Awana Skyway Cable Car to Awana Resorts. The Strawberry and Lavendar Gardens offer a pleasant retreat from the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur and the children can enjoy strawberry picks and learn about amazing plants and flowers that are grown in the region. 

How to book a day tour to Genting Highland from Kuala Lumpur?

Most tour desks at the hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer a day tour to Genting Highlands which is one of the most popular day trip destinations near Kuala Lumpur. These tours sometimes can be a bit expensive as the tour operators charge per person. The cost can add up for a family of 4+ or bigger groups. If you are travelling alone yourself, booking a tour  through the tour desk can be a good option.


Gohtong Jaya offers a nice stopover on the way to Genting Highlands

Another alternative is to catch a Go Genting Bus which costs a very nominal amount and offers a round trip from Genting Highlands. The bus ticket includes a lunch coupon as well as a ticket for Awana Skyway Cable Car. 

The bus stop is located at the Skyway Station in Gohtong Jaya. The Strawberry Leisure Farm is located within a walking distance of the Bus Stop. 

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Note: If you are planning a budget trip, Gohtong Jaya offers cheap accommodation and plenty of budget food outlets, coffee shops and all basic amenities in one place. Staying at Genting Highlands Casinos can be quite expensive. 

How much does it cost to visit Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm?

The entry ticket for adults is RM 15 which child ticket is RM 10. The Farms has an impressive plantation of local varieties of flowers and lavender. 

Lavender is a popular plant often used in teas, medicine and facial creams etc. A stall at the farm sells plenty of lavender based products at a very reasonable price. Other local produce includes honey which is harvested abundantly in the region. 


If you are travelling with children, this can be a very enjoyable activity.  Take a moment out to enjoy the serene atmosphere with multi-coloured flowers, roses and lavender fields. 

strawberry and lavendar garden Gohtong Jaya
Genting Strawberry and Leisure Farms
Genting Strawberry & Lavendar Farms
Genting Strawberry & Lavendar Farms Gohtong Jaya
Genting Strawberry and Leisure Farms
Lavendar Farms in Genting

A cafe offers some basic snacks and hot drinks. Do stop over to buy some souvenirs and local delights at a number of stalls located towards the exit of the park. 

The strawberry parks offer a great activity for kids and families to pick their own strawberries. The picked strawberries can be collected in a basket. The picked strawberries cost around RM 8 per 100 grams.  Picking up the ripe strawberries fresh from the farm is a very enjoyable activity and offers a unique experience for children who live in the cities and have little access to farmhouses. 

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A number of strawberry products including jams and jellies are also available for sale along with candies shaped like a strawberry. 

strawberry leisure farms gohtong jaya
strawberry and lavendar garden Gohtong Jaya
strawberry and lavendar gardens genting
genting strawberry and leisure farms
strawberry picking at genting highlands
Strawberry Farms at Genting
Rijj visiting Strawberry Leisure Farms in Genting

Planning to stay in Gohtong Jaya or Genting Highlands?

Lately, Gohtong Jaya has seen a lot of development and a number of quality hotels and serviced apartments have popped up providing quality accommodation close to Genting.


The latest development in Gohtong Jaya has made it an attractive place to stay in Genting Highlands

By staying at Gohtong Jaya you can easily visit the Strawberry Farms, Horse riding stables, golf clubs and Genting Shopping outlets. This area has plenty of cafes bars and a Starbucks outlet. 


Other places of interest in Genting Highlands:

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