Interesting places in Melaka - Malaysia

Great reasons to visit Melaka

Melaka offers the best mix of activities for all age groups. If you are holidaying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaka makes an ideal day trip or a weekend break. 

With a rich cultural history, museums, modern shopping malls and active nightlife, Melaka offers an amazing mix of old and modern. Recent developments in the region have attracted large expat residents. Alongwith this the city has seen a rise in trendy bars, cafes, coffee shops and other services catering to high end clientele. 



Melaka has been a major trade center and strategic location through last couple of centuries. Portuguese, Dutch & British have occupied this city. 

Melaka Straits Mosque


The modern architecture of Melaka can be seen in Melaka Straits Mosque that captures the design and motifs from Middle Eastern Muslim Architecture

wall murals in melaka

Old Town

The wall murals acorss the city captures the rich historical colours as well as ethnic mix of  various nationalities that live in Melaka. 

Jonker Walk and old Part of Melaka

Jonker Walk is the center of tourist activities at night time. The main street is lined with snack vendor, souvenir stalls, local product and ic-cream. Jonker Walk is home to a a number of antique shops, souvenirs stores and bars. Georgrapher cafe is a must visit location to a light meal and drinks. On the weekend nights there are live street performances towards the end of the street. The area

Exploring jonker walk at night time

 Where is Melaka?

Malacca is situated 148 KM south of Kuala Lumpur and can be visited by plane as Malacca International Airport hosts flights from all over Malaysia and a few neighboring countries. Buses and Trains also reach Melaka Sentral from Kuala Lumpur with 10-12RM fare. Most travelers rent a car from KL visit Malacca as the drive also offers scenic beauty to enjoy.   The city offers many hotels and resorts to stay at depending on your budget. 

Luxury hotels for families in the city centre Jonker Street such as Vintage Eleven can cost from 1300-1600RM per night. 45 Lekiu Guesthouse and Mahkota Hotel are other ones present in the Heritage area for convenience of travelers. Budget hotels such as Raymond's Boutique Traveller's Home Guesthouse, Asia Heritage Hotel, Mahkota Hotel Apartment, and many others are easily available all year round for travelers on a budget.     

Shopping in melaka

Datara Pahlawan, Hattan Place, AEON Mall are amongst top shopping malls offering wide ranging of shopping options o local as well as foreign brands. 
Heritage walk connects Dataran and is a great place to shop for local products, t shirts, toys and local products. 

Mahkota Parade shopping all in melaka

Makhota Parade is an interesting shopping Mall in Melaka with plenty of shopping options, services and kids play area. The foodcourt is located on the first floor of the Mall. 

Exploring port dickson near melaka

Port Dickson is only an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and is also easily accessible by bus from KL and surprisingly cheap. Local taxis and buses can help families and travelers get around the town very easily.   One of the most important things to do in Port Dickson is to visit the lighthouse built by the Portuguese. The scenic beauty from the top is worth watching.

 Next to the lighthouse, there is a jungle trek which takes you to a beach where according to the locals, Hang Tuah used to meditate and dug a water well.   The coastline beaches of Port Dickson are filled with fun activities in the daytime from water-skiing, snorkeling, paragliding, windsurfing and more. Solo travelers and families can visit different beaches such as the Saujana Beach and Blue Lagoon. The clear blue sky and calm beaches are the best thing travelers enjoy about the town.

Tourist attractions in melaka

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