Genting Highlands Skytropolis

Genting Highlands Malaysia is one of the premier tourist destinations in Malaysia. Easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands attracts large crowds over the weekends. With a continuous uphill drive, the weekend brings out the fast bike and car riders racing up to the top of the hill to the casinos. Driving to Highlands is a great experience if you are comfortable with driving in the mountains. 

Public holidays and school holidays are jam-packed with thousands of people travelling from Malaysia as well as Singapore. Whether you are travelling solo or visiting Genting Highlands with family, there is plenty to do for everyone. 

Quick Facts about Genting Highland Malaysia

Driving distance between Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highlands: One hour drive from KL

Attractions in Genting Highlands: Casinos, Theme Park, Cable Car, Strawberry Farms, Indoor Theme Park (Skytropolis)

Tickets: Buy GoGenting Package RM50 (includes bus transfer, skyway + Indoor theme park + buffet lunch at First World: Buy at Utama, KL Sentral

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The First World Hotel is one of the largest in the world with more than 7351+ rooms, making it to the Guinness Book of World Records.  Genting is host to world-class shows, performances and concerts. There are plenty of mid-week activities, encouraging people to travel and stay at Genting Casinos. First World offers amazing mid-week deals, as low as $20 per night which can reach up to to $150 on the weekends. Check Best Rates with HotelsCombined

Auto Checking in at First World Hotel
Check in Counter at First World Hotel
New Wing of First World Hotel
7351 Rooms in one Hotel!!
Ozasiatraveller at First World
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How to Travel To Genting Highlands from Kuala Lumpur?

Self-driving tour from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands Malaysia

Genting Highlands is easily accessible by car, bus or taxi. Most people book rent a taxi or charter a car which can cost up to RM 500 depending upon the group size. Travelling by Bus can be a relatively cheaper option, however, it can take more time and you will not be able to explore many other interesting places on the way.

Travelling by Bus to Genting Highlands

The bus is the easiest and cheapest way to get to and back from Genting Highlands The buses operate from the top floor of KL Sentral.  The return ticket to casinos is subsidized by casinos and costs RM 10. The buses will drop you at the bottom of the cable car station near Ghotong Jaya. The last bus departs from Genting around 10 pm. If you miss your bus, you can book a taxi or GRAB which will cost around RM 150. 

You can also catch a bus from Puduraya bus terminal ( frequency is every 30 minutes), from KL central station: (half-hourly and hourly), Venetian Pasarakyat (half-hourly and hourly) Gombak ( half-hourly and hourly).

Go Genting Ticket Counter at Sentral Station
Book at Bus Ticket for Genting at Sentral Station
Sentral Station KL
Driving to Genting Highland is a great experience
Driving to Genting in 2020
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I normally rent a car from KL International Airport  and explore the Berjaya Hills and Genting Highlands Area by myself. The road condition is amazing and it is very easy to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Genting. Make sure to start early and arrive late in the evening to avoid peak weekday traffic in Kuala Lumpur. The traffic quickly picks up around 7 am and it is very difficult to drive in the city.  

Renting a taxi from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands

A taxi ride will take around an hour and should cost you around RM 200 from the city. A return day trip can be organized for around RM 400-500 depending upon the type of vehicle. The premier taxis (blue coloured SUVs) are comparatively cheaper. Make sure to rent a new vehicle as the road from KL to Genting Highlands is very steep and older cars can heat up or break down. The best way to explore if you are travelling with family or a large group is to Book a tour

First Stop between Kuala Lumpur & Genting Highlands

Genting Strawberry & Lavendar Garden as Gohtong Jaya

The first stop on the way to Genting Highlands is the small town of Gohtong Jaya where the cable car base station is located. The famous Genting Strawberry and Lavender Gardens are located in Gohtong Jaya. You can pick strawberries at the gardens by paying 8RM for 100 grams. The gardens have a speciality store, gift shop and a cafe. Allocate yourself one hour to explore this location before heading on to the Awana Cable Car. 

Genting Highland Malaysia
Genting Lavender & Strawberry Gardens in Ghotong Jaya
A must visit location on the way to Genting Highlands Malaysia
Genting Highland Malaysia
Genting Highland Attractions
Beautiful flowers grown at the Lavender Gardens
Genting Highland Malaysia
Lavendar Gardens in Genting Highlands
Shop for Lavender Flowers products at the Lavender Gardens
Strawberry and Lavender Gardens Genting Highland
Genting Highlands Malaysia
Beautiful collection of local flowers
Book a tour to Genting Highlands
Strawberry Gardens in Genting Highlands
Book a tour to Genting Highlands
Genting Highland Malaysia
Entrance to Strawberry Gardens
Strawberry Garden at Genting Highland Malaysia
Pick Strawberries at the Strawberry Gardens
Pick strawberries at RM 8/100 gram
Enjoy a scenic ride through the farm
Things to do in Genting Highlands
Enjoy a scenic ride through the farm
Entrance to the Strawberry & Lavendar Gardens
Genting Highlands Malaysia
Entrance to the Strawberry & Lavendar Gardens
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If you plan to drive up to Genting Highlands follow the road from Gohtong Jaya to the First World resort in Genting Highlands. All the major resorts including Awana, Genting Highlands Resort, Maxims and First World are located right next to each other and are accessibly by walking tracks. 
I recommend that you find the parking in First World Hotel if you are travelling for a day. The parking used to be free a couple of years ago. You will have to pay RM 6 per hour. Make sure to take a note of the floor where you parked a car, otherwise it will be nightmare locating your car in the lot. 
If you decide to take a cable car from Gohtong Jaya, you will be dropped off at the Awana Resort. The walking distance from this station to the First World Hotel is quite a bit and if you have elderly family members travelling with you make sure to plan ahead in time otherwise, walking from one casino to another can take plenty of time. 
Awana Skyways Genting Highlands
Awana Skyways Genting Highlands

The new booking station is located in Gohtong Jaya. The return ticket costs RM 19. The old chairlifts are replaced with gondola that can accommodate 8 passengers

Views of the cable car station from the top of the hill. Awana Cable Car is a great way to enjoy Genting Highlands.
View of Berjaya Hills from Awana Cable Car
Views of the cable car station from the top of the hill. Awana Cable Car is a great way to enjoy Genting Highlands.
Finally reaching the top of the cable car station in Awana Casinos
Awana Cable car stop at Aw
Finally reaching the top of the cable car station in Awana Casinos
Chin Swee Temple is a beautiful temple accessible from the road as well as the cable car.
Chin Swee Temple visible from the Awana Cable Car
Chin Swee Temple is a beautiful temple accessible from the road as well as the cable car.
Awana Skyways is a great way to enjoy amazing scenic views.
View Ghotong Jaya and Berjaya Hills from the Cable Car
Awana Skyways is a great way to enjoy amazing scenic views.
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During one of my trips, I exited towards Ipoh instead of Kuantan and ended up in Batang Kali. This is an alternative way to drive to Genting Highlands if you are driving from the North. The road is well maintained and merges at Ghotong Jaya.  

The second stop on Awana Skyways is Awana Skycentral, a hub of shopping outlets, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues. 

Genting Highland Hotel
Awana Skycentral in Genting Highlands
Awana SkyCentral is a massive multi-story shopping and entertainment complex. Food court is located on the top floor of the shopping mall
Genting Highland Hotel
Awana Skycentral is place for shoppers
Checkout the calendar for performances and events at Awana Resort
Enjoy food from around Malaysia including noodle dishes, curries and even Singapore Specialties
A popular food court in Awan Sky Central
Enjoy food from around Malaysia including noodle dishes, curries and even Singapore Specialties
Genting Highland
Foodcourt at Awana Skycentral
RM 80 for all you can eat lunch buffet is popular at the foodcourt in Awana Central
Genting Highland
Shopping outlets at Awana Sky Central
Enjoy world class shopping, international food chains at Awana Sky Central.
A brand launch at SkyCentral
Genting Highland Hotel
Top floor of Awana Skycentral
A foggy day at the open air top floor of Awana Sky Central
Food Court at Awana Sky Central
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Hotels in Genting Highlands?

Looking for a hotel in Genting Highlands? There are plenty of options at all prices ranges. If you are looking for an experience to remember, try booking at First World Hotel with over 7531 rooms and amazing views of Kuala Lumpur on a clear day. For First World Hotel , book way in advance as most of the time rooms are not available on short notice.

Some of the best Genting Highlands Hotels are located at the casinos including Awana Resort, First World Hotel, Maxims and Genting Highlands Resorts. Other notable Genting Highland Hotel include Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences  & Grand Ion Deleman

Budget Hotels in Genting Highlands 

For price-conscious travellers, I suggest exploring hotels in Ghotong Jaya which is the last stopover before the main casino's area in Genting Highlands. During my last visit in late 2019, I observed that a number of new 3 stars hotels as well serviced apartments are available in the area. This neighbourhood has received a facelift and looks much clears and modern.

Hotels in Ghotong Jaya is a relatively cheaper option and there is a number of cheap food outlets, cafes, Starbucks and a service station in addition to other basic amenities. If you are travelling on a budget and exploring this region for a couple of days, Ghotong Jaya is definitely a great option.  

Handy Tip: Check Mid-Week Rates for First World Hotel Genting where you can get mid-week specials for under USD $20 per night. 

Awana Resort Genting

Awana Resort Genting Highlands

First World Hotel offers great deals mid-week (off-peak season) where you can rent a deluxe room for under $20. Compare best hotel rates from top search engines  Other options available in this area include:



I have stayed at First World Hotel several times in the last 5 years and always booked a room online. The automatic machines in the lobby of the hotel can issue hotel check-in cards. In peak holiday season the waiting time can be a couple of hours if you want to make a booking over the counter. 

Awana Resort

A new shopping Mall at Awana Resort is a great place for shopping at Genting Highlands

What are some of the best things to do in Genting Highlands?

Awana Cable Car

Awana Cable Car

Awana Cable Car is one of the major attractions in Genting Highlands. Awana Cable Car has recently replaced the old chairlift. The Skyway Station is located in Ghotong Jaya which is also the stopover for the buses to Genting Highlands. The Cable car is an amazing way to enjoy the scenic views of the Highlands. The ticket price for a return ride is RM 9. The Cable covers a distance of 2.6 KM with an altitude of 620M. Check prices online.
Awana Cable Car

Strawberry & Lavender Park

Strawberry and Lavender Park are located in Ghotong Jaya near the Skyway Cable Car terminal. The entry fee for the adult is RM 15. Children entry fee is RM 10. You can also pick strawberries from the farm at 8RM/ 100 grams which will be packed for you at the exit. There are a number of other stalls selling locally produced honey, lavender products and health products. This is an interesting experience to enjoy if you are travelling with kids.
Awana Cable Car

The Chateau

The Chateau is a five-star luxury resort ideally located at a driving distance from Genting Highlands. The area is generally called Bukit Tinggi and other places of interest include Tropicale Colmar a French Styled Village. Japanese Garden is also another worth visiting location in the same area. Book a stay at The Chateau to enjoy an amazing break from the noisy and hectic life of Kuala Lumpur.
Casinos in Genting


Try your luck at some of the best casinos including Maxims, Genting Resort, First World, Genting Grand and Awana. Genting Highlands attract large crowds on the weekend. Group tours from Singapore are popular during holiday season. Spend a weekend at Genting to enjoy the casinos and concerts.
Tropicale Colmar

Tropicale Colmar Bukit Tinggi

Tropicale Colmar is a French Styled village located in Berjaya Hills. Enjoy French Cusine, spas and kids entertainment at Tropicale Colmar.

Skytropolis Theme Park

A recent addition to the indoor entertainment is "Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park" which offers unlimited thrill rides for a flat rate of 90RM. Multiple day passes can be bought to enjoy two full days for fun-packed thrill rides ranging from the roller coaster, ziplines, Power Surge, Bumper Boss, Skin Crazy and Sky Towers and lots more. The rides are designed for kids of all age groups. Weekends are very busy therefore, it is recommended to travel mid-week to get the best out of your trip to Genting.
Shopping at Premium Outlets


SkyAvenue Genting offers a variety of retail, dining, and entertainment outlets in Genting Highlands. The majority of shops, restaurants, and cafes within this four-storey shopping mall are open between 10:00 and 22:00, while entertainment outlets,

Genting Highlands has something to offer for people from all age groups. New shopping Malls and fashion outlets near Ghotong Jaya offer world-class shopping. Some of the most popular reasons for travelling to Genting Highlands include: 
  • Visiting Casinos (Awana, Maxims, First World, Genting Highlands Resort)
  • Exploring indoor and outdoor theme parks with children
  • Attending world-class shows and performance in the Arena of Stars
  • Visit Lavender and Strawberry Farms
  • Shopping at world-class shopping outlets at Awana Resort and Ghotong Jaya
  • Visit Bukit Tinggi & Tropicale Colmar
  • Visiting Genting Garden - Genting Japanese Gardens in Bukit Tinggi 
The indoor theme parks Skytropolois at Genting Highlands offer amazing thrill rides and a full day of action for kids and families alike. Get a day pass for RM 90 for unlimited rides including thrill rides at the indoor theme parks. The rides are designed for kids from all age groups. 
Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park at Genting Highlands
Enjoy thrill rides at Skytropolis
Zipline at Skytropolis Theme Park
Daily Pass from RM 90
Restaurants near Skytropolis
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Best Hotels Rates in Genting Highlands with HotelsCombined

If you are staying for a couple of days, you can explore a number of outdoor activities, including a visit to Lavender Gardens  horse riding and other adventure sports. 
Visit Genting Highland from Kuala Lumpur


Most popular tours in Genting

The best way to explore Genting Highlands is to book a day tour from Kuala Lumpur. Here is a list of most popular tours and activities in Genting Highlands.

Book online and save $$. Online bookings have special discounts and you can avoid queuing up at the venues during peak period and avoid missing out on the fun due to overbookings etc. 

KLOOK offers amazing tour deals to most of the locations across Malaysia.

Ozasiatraveller has teamed up with KLOOK to provide the best possible rates for amazing activities in Genting Highlands. Enjoy!!!
Skytropolis Genting Highlands Tour
Bukit Tinggi and Japanese Garden
Bukit Tinggi is French Styled Village located 30k from Genting. Tropicale Colmar is a 5-Star resort in Berjaya Hills with amazing architecture and layout. Explore Japanese Garden with serene landscape & Spa facilities.


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