Sydney to Armidale

Planning a road trip from Sydney to Armidale New South Wales? The driving distance from Sydney to Armidale is 585 km (6.5 hours) which makes it ideal for a day trip or a weekend excursion to this beautiful part of New South Wales. There are two alternative ways of travelling between Sydney and Armidale.

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Sydney to Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is 200 km south of Sydney. A remarkable, beach area Jervis is popular for whitest sands and blue water. This destination attracts a large number of tourists from Sydney as well as other cities in NSW.  Jervis is a great stopover for visitors travelling from Sydney to Melbourne via Princess Highway. With easy road access and campgrounds available near the beaches, Jervis is ideal for a weekend break or a family holiday. Shoalhaven region is home to some lovely beaches, water inlets, lakes and tropical rainforest. 

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Southern Highlands NSW

A one or two day trip is ideal to explore southern highlands in NSW. From Sydney drive on M5 towards Canberra. M5 merges into Hume Highway. Exit for Mittagong from Hume Highway. Mittagong is a beautiful town with a couple of nice cafes and restaurants in the main shopping areas. This place gets quite crowded over the weekends as it attracts visitors from nearby areas.

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Tel. (662) 620-9000 Call Center (662) 620-9111

MBK is one of the largest shopping centres located right next to Siam Square. MBK is easily accessible by SIAM Square Train Station. Skywalk connects MBK to the rest of the shopping centres so it is really easy to walk around.

There are eight floors catering to various type of shops and services. You can find reasonably priced clothing, handbags, travel gear, decorations and jewellery. Top floors have stalls for T-Shirts and clothing. Make sure you bargain for the price as some of the things are quite cheap and you will end up buying a lot more than you plan. 

Make sure you get your "Tourist Discount Card" on the ground floor. This way you can get 5-30% discount on certain products. 

Do not rush to shop as there is plenty of choices. Make sure you have compared prices and explored various floors to get the best deal and variety in clothing and other products you are looking to buy.

There is a food court on the 5th floor. You will be required to get coupons that can be exchanged for food. A Muslim prayers room is located on the 6th floor close to the lifts/stairs. 

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world to travel to. It is a major destination for millions of tourists from south-east Asia as well as Europe escaping from cold winters and looking for beautiful warm beaches. The land down under attracts hundreds of young backpackers and working holidaymakers to the city. The city offers good work opportunities as there is a lot of business activity all throughout the year.  

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