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What are some of the best things to do on Bangla Road Patong Beach?

Want to enjoy the nightlife in Phuket? Bangla Road is the place with a number of very popular clubs in the region including Illuzion, Tiger Club, and Shark Club. The long street stretches from Patong Beach up to  Rhat u Thit Road.


Shopping Centers near Bangla Road Patong, Phuket

The area is very densely populated with a number of budget hotels, roadside tour operators, money changers, and small businesses. Bangla Road is definitely the part central and should be on your list if you like to party and enjoy the nightlife. 

restaurants on bangla road phuket

Streetside popular restaurants serving Thai food are popular with tourist

The streets around Bangla Road are densely populated with a large number of tourism-related services, antique shops, souvenir stores, and restaurants. I stopped by No.6 Restaurant to get a quick bit. Basic Thai dishes including green curry and pad see ew were under $10 which is quite cheap. The serving size is small but the food is tasty.

Bangla Road is lined with a number of pubs that are very popular with tourists. The street stays busy till the early hours of the morning. 

Bars on Bangla Road patong phuket

You can find plenty of western-style restaurants along Patong Beach. These include Irish Pubs, and Italian and fast food chains. 

Irish Pub near Bangla Road Phuket

Irish pub near Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

Many visitors used to visit Phuket for full moon parties held on many islands around Phuket. The tickets can be purchased from the vendors on Bagla Road in Patong.

Tour shops on bangla road patong

Book Tours from one of many operators on Bangla Road Patong

If you plan to shop around for tours, a number of agents operate from Bangla Road. Use your bargaining skills to get the best deal out of the operators. In the peak season, the day Island tours can range from 2000-2500 Baht. In the Off-peak season (July- October) you can get the same tours for under 1500 Baht. 

How is the Nightlife at Bangla Road Patong?

Bangla Road is the center of the nightlife with a number of high-profile clubs like Illuzion that are ranked amongst the top 100 clubs in the world. Enjoy the live performances at the Shark Club and Tiger Club located on Bangla Road. 

The street is also popular for live sex shows and adult performances which is sure to attract a large number of people to this part of the town. 


Illuzion is a popular nightclub located on Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket

What are other places of interest near Bangla Road?

The popular Patong Beach is located at the end of Bangla Road that terminates at the beach. The beach is popular for watersports or simply hanging out and enjoying the crowds. On a clear day, the beach stays busy till the late hours of the evening. 

patong beach phuket

Enjoy water scooters, banana boats, paragliding, and speedboats at the beach. Always swim within the flags posted by the lifeguard at the beach as the tides can change quickly. If you want to enjoy the beach, staying at Patong Beach is a great idea and there are plenty of quality hotels in the neighborhood. 

Where to eat near Patong Beach Phuket?

Banzaan Fresh Food and Seafood Market is a great place to enjoy freshly cooked seafood. Buy fresh seafood from the market on the ground floor and take it to the kitchen upstairs where a number of shopfronts will cook you seafood in the style you like with sauces of your style. The charges are based on the weight of the seafood. I bought some fresh fish, prawns, and crabs and enjoyed a great lunch in the food court. 

banzaan fresh food market in patong beach phuket

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Patong Beach Phuket, Phuket, Thailand
Bangla Road, Pa Tong, Phuket Province 83150, Thailand
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