Malaysia: Best Asian destination

Attracting over 29 million visitors from across the world, Malaysia is becoming one of the major stopovers for international travellers, backpackers and adventure seekers heading out to other amazing destinations in the Asian Pacific Region. Great cultural mix, interesting history, exotic islands and world-class cities are amongst many reasons why avid travellers choose Malaysia as a starting point for exploring the region. Not only this, AirAsia, Malaysia's best budget airline is one of the fastest-growing budget airlines in the world offering cheap airfares to some of the most interesting destinations in ASEAN countries and beyond.

I have driven extensively across mainland Malaysia as well as Southern Malaysia and have accumulated a wealth of experiences on the way. Most of the content on this site is coming from my trip notes, road trips and family holidays taken in a period of the last fifteen years. 

Malaysia's Best Destinations

Visit Kuala Lumpur
Penang Georgetown
Melaka a historical city in Malaysia
Kuching the Cat City
Langkawi Cable Car
Kuala Terengganu
Langkawi Sunset Dinner Cruise
Pangkor Island Malaysia

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