Your privacy

For the user who creates accounts on the site, log in details are not shared with third party site and agencies. The account creation allows users to post comments and receive newsletters. The users have the option to unsubscribe to the newsletter. Incoming I.P addresses are logged for analysing site usage trends regional interest in the site.

Link to the third party website

Under Affiliate, contract user is given a provision to make a booking online with the Agoda network. The transaction data for any payments make is not stored with ozasiatraveller.com. This site only generates a commission on traffic passed to the Agoda network. Some branding data, pages and search boxes are provided by hotels combined affiliate network facility and all searches for hotels are carried out in real-time on hotels combined network. Users are directed to a various page on the website to government websites for extended information on travel timetables, route maps and other services 

Information Gathering

Most information provided on the website is collected, compiled and written by site owners. The information is not copied from any popular travel websites. The ideas, suggestion and recommendations made are authors own. Most information on cities, locations, restaurants and hotels are actually gathered by visiting the locations between the year 2009 and 2017. All effort is made by our team to keep the information updated.