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Phuket is known for its beautiful beaches and amazing Island Tours. Phuket is very densely populated with beach resorts mushrooming along the waterfront since the 1970s. If you are planning to visit Phuket this year, visiting some of the island destinations must be on your list during your visit. Phi Phi Island Tours are amongst some of the most popular day island tours in Phuket. 

Where do I book the Phi Phi Island Tours in Phuket?

A number of tour operators provide group tours to Phi Phi and other Island destination in the region. A network of booking agents across the city area in Phuket can help book your tour a day in advance. The prices may vary on the boat size and the number of Islands covered during the day trip. 

Most tour desks at the hotels you are staying at can organize tours on your behalf. If you are bargain hunters, I suggest stepping out on Bangla Road in Patong and shopping around on a tour that meets your requirements. A bit of bargaining can always help get some good deals from local operators. 

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Most common Phi Phi Island tours are organized in a 40-seater, three-engine motorboat that stops at 3-7 Islands along the way to Phi Phi Island. For private tour bookings, a smaller boat or a 14-seater catamaran can be booked. This option helps design a customized tour and you can pick and choose some of the best locations to swim and snorkel in the region 

How much does a Phi Phi Island Tour Cost?

The prices range from 14000 BHAT to 2400 BHAT depending on the time of the year. The peak season in Phuket is between November to April and the prices are at the highest. During Off-Peak seasons the prices are slashed substantially and you can get prices as low as half the original tour prices. 


There is always room for negotiation as the booking agents can give discounts on large groups and last-minute bookings. 

I highly recommend booking a tour through KLOOK. Some of the best tour operators work with Klook and you will be able to get the best prices and quality service without the hassle of visiting local booking agents. 

What do I expect in a Phi Phi Island tour?

The tour operators will pick you up around 8 am from your hotel reception. The van will go around the Patong area to pick up tour participants from various hotels. The trip to the jetty is approximately 45 minutes which is on the opposite side of Phuket near old Phuket town. 

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Shop at the Jetty to buy swimwear and other equipment

The first part of the tour is a brief orientation to all the participants about safety, procedures and details of the tour. A shop next to the departure area sells waterproof bags, water shoes, waterproof covers for mobile devices etc. The items can be bought at much cheaper prices in Phuket if you are planning a tour of the Islands. 

 phi phi island tours

Getting on the board at a Jetty near Phuket Town

Once the passengers board the 3-engine motor boats, the tour manager briefs all the participants about safety procedures on the boat. The lifejackets and water bottles are included in the tour. Most tours also include lunch at Phi Phi Don Island. 

3-engine boat tours to phuket

3-Engine Boat Tours are popular for Phi Phi Island

On a clear sunny day, the boat ride is very enjoyable. The first stop along the way is clear water near an Island popular for snorkelling. A thirty-minute stop is plenty of time to enjoy snorkelling near the coral formation and beautiful clean waters. 

Phi Phi Island Tours

Snorkelling on an Island near Phuket

The boat ride to Phi Phi Island is quite long and can take around another hour of the boat ride. Phi Phi Island is divided into two islands including Phi Phi Don, which has plenty of beach resorts as well as cafes. 

On a typical day, you will see more than 30 boats docked at the island which is a popular stopover. A shared "Halal" restaurant provides buffet-styled food for lunch. The menu has a mix of local and continental dishes. A typical tour group consists of people from across the world.


Boats docked at Phi Phi Don Island

A one-hour stopover at the Phi Phi Islan gives you enough time to explore the waterfront and main area of the Island. There are a number of cafes and shops on the waterfront as well. 

The next stop along the way is Monkey Island near Phi Phi Island where you can see the harvesting of birds' nests and plenty of monkeys clinging to the steep cliff faces. Some people, on private tours, choose this location for swimming and a break. You will observe catamaran and single-engine junks which are popular for private charters.

Monkey Island near Phi Phi Island

Birds nests are popular items used in soups and Asian dishes 

Another stopover for snorkelling is a great opportunity to soak into the clear waters near Phi Phi Island and enjoy some underwater adventures. The water is extremely clear you can see plenty of colourful fish and sea creatures. 

On the ride back to Phuket, the boat stops at the popular Khai Noi Island which is a couple of shacks and clear shallow water ideal for swimming. This island is ideal for spending the day as the atmosphere is lazy and laid back and there is a volley net and deck chairs on the shacks to chill and drink beers.


Khai Nai Island near Phi Phi Island

The ride back from Khai Nai Island is a long one-hour stretch to make it back to the jetty before it gets dark. Most passengers are seen dozing off on the way back as the boat cuts through the choppy waters. 

The overall experience is a very enjoyable one and I highly recommend Phi Phi Island Tour during your visit to Phuket. 



Where to stay in Phuket?

Phuket is very spread out and there are plenty of coastal locations to book a resort for a long or short stay. I suggest booking a hotel or resort in the Patong area of Phuket. Patong is the heart of nightlife and activity in Phuket offering some of the best shopping malls, cafes, bars and restaurants. 

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Other popular areas include Karon Beach, Kata or Kamala Beach areas which are more suitable for a family holiday. These locations are more laid back and less congested as compared to Patong Beach Area. 





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