Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang

Planning a night of fun exploring lively bars and clubs? Changkat Bukit Bintang is the place to look out for. Bukit Bintang is the heart of tourist activities in Kuala Lumpur. The famous food street Jalan Alor is located in Bukit Bintang and is a must-visit location for food lovers. The food stalls and restaurants stay open until the early hours of the morning.

Feel the lively vibe of Kuala Lumpur, by walking down the streets of Changkat where lovely girls will approach you for a body massage in one of many parlours located along the road. Stalls of fresh tropical fruit and local delights are lined along the road. Meander through the street to reach the jam-packed shopping malls near Bukit Bintang LRT. 

Jalan Alor | Changkat | Massage Parlours | Where to stay in Bukit Bintang

Exploring Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang

With recent redevelopment and upgrade of facilities in Bukit Bintang is easily accessible by light rail and other modes of public transport in the city. I prefer to stay in Bukit Bintang area because of ease of access to shopping malls, massage parlours, bars and 24-hour cafes. Bukit Bintang station is easily accessible from Sentral Station using light rail. The train passes through Jalan Imbi and lies on the same track as Bukit Nanas and Chow kit. 


Jalan Alor is has a number of Thai and Malay and Chinese Restaurant specializing in seafood cooked in different styles. Popular restaurants are Wang Ah Wah Restaurant, San Cheui Yan and Hong Heng. I always enjoy grilled chicken wings served at 9 Jalan Alor. Try stay chicken beef and chicken on skewers grilled on a massive grill.

Local dishes are served under RM 10-15. Seafood prices vary depending on the weight and price of the day. Steamed, grilled and stir-fried seafood dishes are quite popular with most visitors. You can enjoy other local delights like tropical fruit juices, ice creams and steamed seafood on sticks. 

Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor in Day time

Changkat Bukit Bintang & Jalan Ramlee

Changkat Walk is located adjacent to Jalan Alor and is the heart of nightlife in Bukit Bintang. A number of popular bars like Whisky Bar, Movida, Opium, The Rabbit Hole, Healy's Mac and Changkat Sports Bar. The area is lit with life at night time with hundreds of fun lovers crowding to packed bars. The noise level is high at night time with live music played in most bars. Popular Malay restaurant Bijan Bar and Restaurant  is located at the end of Changkat Walk.

In Changkat Bukit Bintang there are over 30 venues right next to each other and are equally packed with plenty of European Tourist. You might witness an occasional brawl between intoxicated merry-makers, which can be a source of entertainment for on-lookers. These matters are quicky hushed as tourist police patrol these areas regularly and it is quite safe to walk around at night time.  

Jalan Ramlee goes along Sungei Wang Plaza and has a number of modern restaurants, international food chains and bars. This area is more classy is quite packed with tourist almost every day of the week. If you like to enjoy continental food in KL, Jalan Ramlee is the hotspot. Walk along this busy street to explore fancy venues like Retro club, Oblique Club and Passion. 

Pisco Bar Bukit Bintang

Loco Bar

Healy Mac Changkat Bukit Bintang

Massage Parlours in Bukit Bintang

Changkat Walk is crowded with busy massage parlours and foot spas. An average of 45-minute foot massage costs around 30RM. Some cheap hotels are located on Changkat with air-conditioned rooms under 80RM per night.  I visit Zen Element Holistic Health Spa is a good establishment with professional staff and a great relaxing atmosphere. 

Massage parlours are a popular attraction in Bukit Bintang. With a huge influx of tourist in this part of the town, Bukit Bintang is also notorious for "sex tourism". You can find a number of girls and ladyboys walking the street. The massage parlours, however, are popular with families and provide foot massage and all body massage services under 60RM for an hour. 

Kuala Lumpur has hot and humid weather and a good food massage at the end of the night is sure to give you a great relaxing sleep. 

Where to stay in Bukit Bintang 

I stayed at Mesui Boutique Hotel , Hotel Istana and Parkroyal Serviced Apartments  located walking distance from Changkat Walk. Pisco Bar is located right next to Mesui Hotel. There are a couple of 24 hours of cafes and restaurants located in the same street where you can find Malay food throughout the night.

Parkroyal Serviced Apartment bukit Bintang

Parkroyal Serviced Apartment  offers 5-star facilities for families in the heart of Bukit Bintang. Enjoy one and two-bedroom serviced apartments with rooftop pool, breakfast, business lounge and kids play area. Other places I stayed in the neighbourhood include the Istana Hotel. The hotels have a lively atmosphere and you can find a number of 24-hour cafes and stores around the corner.


Step down from your room at 2 in the morning and you can find Roti Telur and Tea Tarek for RM 3 in the roadside cafes. I love this liveliness of Kuala Lumpur and prefer to stay in this lively part of the town.

Here is a list of top-customer rated 4-Star Hotels in Bukit Bintang

The rating is based on independent customers reviews and feedback on Agoda Network. The "Customer Rating" is a very good indicator of the quality of service, value for money and overall stay at a particular hotel. 

HotelAddressCheck RatesRates (USD)Agoda Rating
[email protected] bedroom Dorsett Residence 6172 Jalan ImbiCheck Rates7710
5min to Heart of KL/Bukit Bintang/2min railway376 Jalan PuduCheck Rates4010
[email protected]'Majestic KL City Centre 7376, Jalan PuduCheck Rates3610
citizenM Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang128 Jalan PuduCheck Rates09.4
Taragon Bukit Bintang 2534 (Near Times Square)Jalan Changkat Thambi DollahCheck Rates09.2
[email protected] Residency KL/Bukit Bintang 667 Jalan GallowayCheck Rates689.1
[email protected] Garden Residence KL/Bukit Bintang 8117 Jalan PuduCheck Rates329
[email protected] bedroom Dorsett Residence 3172 Jalan ImbiCheck Rates709
[email protected] Residence KL/Bukit Bintang 3The Robertson Residences Bukit BintangCheck Rates338.9
[email protected] Residence KL/Bukit Bintang 4The Robertson Residences Bukit BintangCheck Rates338.9
[email protected] Garden Residence KL/Bukit Bintang 4117 Jalan PuduCheck Rates328.8
[email protected] Residence Studio 1 172 Jalan ImbiCheck Rates478.8
Sunbow Private Suites @ Times SquareBerjaya Times Square, East Tower 1, Jalan ImbiCheck Rates698.7
[email protected] Garden Residence KL/Bukit Bintang 5117 Jalan PuduCheck Rates328.7
Sunway Velocity Hotel Kuala LumpurLingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity, CherasCheck Rates458.6
Stay In The Heart of Kuala Lumpur @ RobertsonThe Robertson Residences Bukit BintangCheck Rates378.6
Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade152, Jalan Changkat Thambi DollahCheck Rates598.5
[email protected] Residence Studio 2172 Jalan ImbiCheck Rates478.5
[email protected]'Majestic KL City Centre 4 376 Jalan PuduCheck Rates418.5
[email protected] Residence KL/Bukit Bintang 2The Robertson Residences Bukit BintangCheck Rates338.4

Partners with Agoda

My favourite budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur when travelling alone is Mesui Hotel . Ideally located on the side street to Park Royal. Serviced Apartments, Mesui is nested next to Piccolo Bar.  This boutique hotel great service around RM 120 per night. The staff at Mesui hotel is extremely friendly and helpful. A new cafe and restaurant opened up right next to the hotel making it easier to get food round the clock.


I highly recommend this budget boutique hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.