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central market kuala lumpur

Central Market or Pasar Seni it is popularly called is a traditional market that originated as a trading hub around the 1880s. Central Market is located near Jamek Masjid India which had a cluster of businesses in the early years of Kuala Lumpur City. The market was developed as a trading hub for local vendors. In recent years, the market is transformed into a cultural center and shopping destination for local crafts, art, and products from all regions of Malaysia. For first-time visitors to Kuala Lumpur, Central Market is a must-visit destination to experience the richness of Malaysian culture. 

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4 Day travel itinerary for kl KUALA LUMPUR ITINERARY

Kuala Lumpur City has plenty to offer for solo travelers or for family holidaymakers. The city is packed with places of interest, cultural experiences as well as foodie adventures. Not only that, a number of popular destinations are located within 2 hour drive of Kuala Lumpur city which makes them ideal for a short trip or a day excursion. If you are planning a family holiday to Kuala Lumpur city, here is a sample recommended itinerary to explore KL at a leisurely pace. 

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kuala lumpur guide

Kuala Lumpur is one of my all-time favorite destinations in Malaysia offering an amazing mix of traditional and modern culture and amazing foodie adventures across different parts of the city. If you are planning your next holiday in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur should be on your list as a starting point for your adventure in exotic Malaysia. Here is my comprehensive guide to first-time travellers to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Best walks in sydney
Sydney is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic walking tracks in Australia. The walking tracks range from easy Sydney City walks to coastal walks that can be covered easily in a couple of hours. For more adventurous the number of bushwalking tracks on the outskirts of Sydney offers an amazing experience of the sprawling wilderness of the National Parks and the breathtaking coastline of NSW.  
If you are planning to visit for a couple of days and walk to explore the Sydney City Walk, I will shortlist some of the best scenic walks within easy reach of the Sydney CBD Area. 
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East Coast Malaysia Islands

The East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia has some of the best Island destinations in the world. The best time the visit these amazing Island destinations is early and mid of the year when there is lesser rain and clear sunny days. The most popular way to travel to these islands is to book packaged holiday tours with local operators. A typical tour includes boat transfers to the Island, accommodation, local tours, and breakfast/lunch. 

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Kuala Lumpur to Penang Itinerary

Penang is one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia for tourists because of its rich cultural history and amazing cuisine. Kuala Lumpur to Penang is a popular travel route for most road trippers and bike riders, as well as the intercity road infrastructure in Malaysia, which is world-class and offers an amazing driving experience.

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