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Exploring Malaysia

malaysia mapMalaysia is the country of vast cultural diversity and a beautiful blend between traditional past and modern lifestyle. Visiting for the first time you will be taken by the sheer beauty of architecture, regional variation, a variety of food and a balance between various cultures. Inhibited by people coming through generation from all around the world, the country has grown into a melting pot of races including Malay, Bumiputera, Chinese and various other ethnicities. There are eleven states and two federal states ( Kuala Lumpur, Putra Jaya). 

The main place to visit in Malaysia with a covered area of 243sq.km and is the heart of cultural, economic and financial activities in the city. Most federal government departments have moved to Putrajaya a twin city, however, the Royal Palace Asian Negara is still located in Kuala Lumpur.  

Malaysia has too much to offer for an individual traveller as well as family. Depending on what activities appeal to you can chalk out your travel itineraries. There are several regions to explore. There is a vast array of options ranging from beautiful pristine beaches to mountain tops and rivers. 

When planning to travel do your research for the weather as the temperature stays above 30c in most of the regions for most of the years. It can be very hot and humid for travellers not used to the humid weather. 

Why Travel to Malaysia

  • Malaysia is 3rd most visited country in Asia with more than 27 million visitors coming to the country.
  • Malaysia offers an amazing mix of the modern metropolis as well as remote untouched wilderness.
  • Malaysia offers a great network connecting all major cities. The road across Malaysia is a great way to explore this country.
  • Diverse landscapes in Malaysia offers a challenge for mountain climbers ( Mount Kinabalu ), deep-sea divers (Radang & Perhentian Islands) and travellers exploring the wildlife of the tropics. 
  • Malaysia offers an amazing mix of food including Chinese, Nonya (Peranakan), Nasi Kandar ( Indian) and a wide range of international cuisine. Malaysia is an absolute delight for food lovers.
  • Malaysia is a great country for family travel as there world-class theme parks and resorts including Legoland, Sunway Putra Resort, Lost World of Tumbun and much more



Malaysia's Best Destinations

Visit Kuala Lumpur
Penang Georgetown
Ipoh Perak
Melaka a historical city in Malaysia
Kuching the Cat City
Cameron Highlands
Langkawi Cable Car
Kuala Terengganu
Langkawi Sunset Dinner Cruise
Pangkor Island Malaysia
Pulau Kapas

I have been exploring South-East Asia for over twenty years and have visited some of the best destinations in the region. Through my blog, I want to share some interesting travel tips, my experience of driving across Asian destinations and some of the best places to explore in this region. I have undertaken hundreds of road trips, across Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Most of the information in this blog comes through my own road trips and adventures in the exotic locations I have visited. 

I have, in the past followed in Anthony Bourdain's footsteps and visited most of the restaurants his team explored in their shows. Join in on my adventures and follow my trails on Instagram & Facebook Page. 


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