Port Stephens NSW


Visiting Port Stephens in Nelson Bay NSW

Nelson Bay Region has plenty of amazing places to visit. Most coastal locations offer breath-taking landscapes, white sandy beaches and a number of activities specific to this region in NSW. Port Stephens is the biggest mobile sand mass in the Southern Hemisphere stretching over 32 km. The region is home to the Worimi people with 12,000 years of amazing history, folklore and landscapes. 

Explore the hidden shipwreck, skeletal remains, and shifting sand dunes offering slopes with a 60 gradient and 30m drop. Here are some popular activities in the area;

  • 4WD Sandboarding Shuttle
  • Beach and Dune Adventures
  • Camel Safaris
  • Sygna Shipwreck Tour 
Camel safaris at Port Stephens central coast nsw
Camel Safaris at Port Stephens
Camel Safaris at Port Stephens
Central Coast NSW - Port Stephens
Camel Safaris are fun for the entire family.
Central Coast nsw - Nelson Bay
Ozasiatraveller at the Camel Safaris
Camel Safaris at Port Stephens
central coast new south wales australia
Camel Safaris at Port Stephens
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Popular tours in Port Stephens

There are great savings $$ to be made with online booking of tours. You can bundle various tours:

  • Beach & Dune + Dolphin Watch Tour
  • Sandboarding + Dolphin Watch Tour
  • Beach & Dune + Whale Watch Tour
  • Exclusive Charter Tours: Four adventures with air-conditioned 4WD. A personalized itinerary can be designed based on your places of interest. 
Desert Safairs at Central Coast NSW
4-WD adventure in Port Stpehens
Sand boarding in Port Stepehens Central Cost nsw
Sand Dunes at Port Stephens NSW
Central Coast NSW Dessert Safaris
Desert Safari Adventures @ Port Stephens
Central Coast NSW - Port Stephens
Desert Safari takes your across sand dunes and wild terrain
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Best tours and activities in Port Stephens NSW

There is plenty of accommodation available in the Nelson Bay Area including Salamander Bay, Anna Bay, Soldier's Point, Fisherman's Bay and Fingal Bay. 

The area is popular for long term holiday stay because of plenty of activities and watersports available in the region. 

Nelson Bay Hotel Map

Where to stay in Port Stephens NSW

For budget accommodation, Hostels World is offering amazing deals across NSW Australia

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Central Coast NSW, NSW, Australia
Sand Dunes in Port Stephen, Jessie Road, Anna Bay NSW 2316, Australia
Geographic coordinates: (-32.775983, 152.0617676)
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