Fort Margherita Kuching Sarawak


Fort Margherita is located next to Istana in Kuching overlooking the Sarawak River. Used as a military fortification in the last century, Fort Margherita is a well-preserved structure with a storehouse of rich colonial history, relics and historical documents from the times of James Brooke and the early Rajahs of Sarawak. 


The main structure of the Fort has a number of galleries with archived historical documents, paintings and ship journals. The hangman quarters and goal are well preserved. The rooftop of the building commands great views of the Sarawak Riverfront. It can take a casual hour to explore various sections of the fort. 

Mortars at Fort Margherita Kuching

There is a huge collection of historical documents, journals, ship logs and objects brought by early arrivals from Europe in their ships. The early expeditions in the region were exploratory in the region where the lives of various tribes were studied and stored in etchings and sketches. 

Fort Margherita  Kuching riverfront


How to reach Fort Margherita in Kuching?

The Fort Margherita is easily accessibly from Sarawak Riverfront by a 4-minute boat ride that takes the passengers across the river. The trip cost around RM 1. A brief walk from the river takes you up a deserted walkway leading up to the fort. If you are driving, the drive from Kuching Waterfront can be a bit longer as you will have to cross the bridge over the bridge and drive up to the fort. 

Catching a boat to Fort Margherita Kuching

Places to stay near Fort Margherita include Grand Margherita & Hilton Hotel.

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Kuching, Malaysia
Fort Margherita, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Geographic coordinates: (1.5604762, 110.349603)
Map location might not be exact