Line Clear Nasi Kandar Restaurant Penang


How did I hear about Line Clear Nasi Kandar Restaurant?

I have been an avid watcher of Anthony Bourdain's food travel adventures across Asia. Line Clear is one of these interesting places Anthony explored in Penang. During my visit to Penang in 2019, I made a checklist of all popular local eat-outs explored by Anthony Bourdain in his travel video. 

During my stay in Penang, I was staying at Bayview Hotel near Penang Road and this restaurant was within walking distance from my hotel. Located in a small alleyway, the restaurant looks like a run-down roadside cafe with a very basic sitting area. This is definitely not a very fancy place, but a basic local cafe which attracts large crowds during lunchtime. 

Anothony Bourdain visited Line Clear
Nasi Kandar Restaurant Line Clear
Plenty to choose from at Line Clear
Food served in traditional style
Line Clear near Penang Road
Paying my bill at Line Clear!
Line Clear Restaurant located at a walking distance from Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Line Clear in Penang
Ozasiatraveller at Line Clear
My humble lunch at Line Clear Restaurant
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What kind of food is served at Line Clear Nasi Kandar?

Nasi means rice in Malay and Nasi Kandar food derives its early influences from Arab and Indian migrants who settled across various parts of Malaysia. The rice is normally laid with a number of curry dishes from goat, beef, mutton and various kid of seafood. 

I simply loved the deep-fried vegetables served with fish cakes and curries. Nasi Kandar is nearest in taste to Indian/Pakistan taste and spice mix used in various part of the country. The choice of seafood dishes borrows the cooking style from southern India. 


Penang, Malaysia
Nasi Kandar Line Clear, Penang Road, Northeast Penang Island District, 10020 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Geographic coordinates: (5.4195857, 100.3325264)
Map location might not be exact