Planning a day trip from Manila? Tagaytay is a great spot for a day trip or a weekend stay from Manila. Easily accessible from Manila by bus or car, Lake Taal area offers an interesting holiday location with a number of tourist attractions sure to appeal to people from all age groups.

Manila is a booming metropolis with over 1.78 million population. Manila is a great destination for solo travellers as well as people travelling with families. I have visited Manila for the first time in late 2019 and was fascinated with a lot of interesting places I visited during my one week of stay in Makati, Manila. 

Most travellers to the Philippines use Manila as a stopover to visit the Island destinations like Coron, Boracay and El-Nido amongst others, however, Manila is a great place to stay, explore the rich culture and history of the Philippines and enjoy unique culinary flavours of the various region of Philippines. 

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