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MBK is one of the largest shopping centres located right next to Siam Square. MBK is easily accessible by SIAM Square Train Station. Skywalk connects MBK to the rest of the shopping centres so it is really easy to walk around.

There are eight floors catering to various type of shops and services. You can find reasonably priced clothing, handbags, travel gear, decorations and jewellery. Top floors have stalls for T-Shirts and clothing. Make sure you bargain for the price as some of the things are quite cheap and you will end up buying a lot more than you plan. 

Make sure you get your "Tourist Discount Card" on the ground floor. This way you can get 5-30% discount on certain products. 

Do not rush to shop as there is plenty of choices. Make sure you have compared prices and explored various floors to get the best deal and variety in clothing and other products you are looking to buy.

There is a food court on the 5th floor. You will be required to get coupons that can be exchanged for food. A Muslim prayers room is located on the 6th floor close to the lifts/stairs.