Langkawi Cable Car and Skywalk

 Langkawi Skywalk & Cable Car

Opening Hours 
10am- 7pm
Friday-Saturday, Sun & Holidays: 
930am - 7pm 
Langkawi Cable Car is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable experiences on Langkawi Island. The lift takes you to a shocking 42-degree incline to the top of Guanang Muchinchang Mountain. People who are afraid of heights will dare not look down as the lift starts climbing up rendering amazing views of the Andaman sea and surrounding Islands. The ride is approximately 1km long and takes around 15 minutes to the top. Once you reach the top you can go down a step of stairs to the skywalk. If you are not in good health it is advised not to make the trip as coming up 100 stairs may knock you out of breath. 

The pain, however, is worth taking as the sky bridge offers a great view of the peaks of the islands as well as the ocean surrounding Langkawi. Walking over a glass floor on the suspended bridge between the cliffs of the steep mountains offers a great experience. 

There are two more vantage points or lookouts offering a three-sixty degrees view of the island. If you are lucky you can get a clear view of the distant Islands, as most of the time, the atmosphere is quite hazy and cloudy. 

How much does the Langkawi Cable Car ticket Cost?

Langkawi Cable Car Ticket Price

The ticket costs you RM 55 (for foreigners) and around RM 30 for local people. Normally during the school holidays seasons, the queue is quite long and it would take around 1 hour to get the chairlift. To avoid this hassle you can buy an express ticket for RM 85 that will give access to special laneways and you do not have to line up in the queues both ways.

Please note that during the public holidays and weekends there are long queues are the Langkawi cable car and you can end up wasting your entire day waiting for your turn. I highly recommend booking your tickets online to save time and ensure that you experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

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There is an additional RM 5 ticket for the Sky-Bridge. A cafe on the top of the lift provides basic snacks and drinks as you will not be carrying any water bottle and by the time you finish the walk around the lookouts, you will be out of breath. 

The best time to visit the site is around 2 hours before sunset. To get the maximum out of your trip buy a combination ticket that will provide you access to 3D Museum and ART in paradise. This will save you money and you can enjoy it more, especially if you are travelling with family. 

Langkawi SkyBridge & Langkawi Cable Car


Langkawi Cable Car


Langkawi Cable Car and Skytrex
Langkawi Skywalk
Langkawi Sky bridge
Langkawi Sky Bridge

Views from Langkawi Skybridge and Observation Deck at Langkawi Cable Car

How to get to Langkawi Cable Car from Kuah Village?

Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Trex are located in Teluk Barau in the Oriental Village area. This is a picnic area with a  number of fun activities and attractions in Langkawi.

The Oriental Village is easily accessible from the Pantai Cenang area. If you are travelling with children Pantai Cenang is one of the best locations to stay because most places of attraction in Langkawi are easily accessible. 

The Taxi would charge approximately RM 10 from Pantai Cenang to Oriental Village. The taxi fare from Kuah Village would be approximately RM 25 and the driving time is over half an hour. 


Langkawi Oriental Village at the base of Skytrex and Langkawi Cable Car

Other attraction in Oriental Village includes Duck Tour, 3-D Art Attractions, Elephant Adventure and Anjung Spa. The zipline adventure and horse riding tours etc are located between the Pantai Cenang area near the Marina. 

What are some cheap hotels to stay in Langkawi?

Langkawi has a number of high-end as well as mid-range hotels located across various parts of the island. Some suggested average-price hotels in the Cenang Beach area include:

Some Cheap hotels in the Cenang Beach area are:

Hotels offer budget accommodation in shared dorms for solo travellers are ideal for price-conscious travellers. Check out the lowest rates for some of the best-reviewed hostels in Langkawi Island:


langkawi cable car and skywalk


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