malaysia mapMalaysia is the country of vast cultural diversity and a beautiful blend between traditional past and modern lifestyle. Visiting for the first time you will be taken by the sheer beauty of architecture, regional variation, a variety of food and a balance between various cultures. Inhibited by people coming through generation from all around the world, the country has grown into a melting pot of races including Malay, Bumiputera, Chinese and various other ethnicities. There are eleven states and two federal states ( Kuala Lumpur, Putra Jaya). 

Malacca is a great tourist destination if you are planning a day excursion or a couple of days away from Kuala Lumpur. Located south at a distance of approximately 120km, Malacca is an easy 1.5-hour drive. If you plan to rent a taxi cab from the city a premier taxi would charge around 400 ringgit for a day trip to Malacca. Malacca is a world heritage city to provide a beautiful insight into the history of the region through centuries.

Kuala Lumpur offers a wide range of cheap and affordable accommodation catering to backpackers and budget-minded travellers. Offering over 50,000 room, Kuala Lumpur city caters to visitors in all price ranges. With cheap and quality hotels available in almost all suburbs in the city, Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia are increasingly becoming the most visited city in the world.

I have stayed in all the main localities of Kuala Lumpur in the last couple of years. During this time, I found Bukit Bintang area, Ampang and Bangsar as the most interesting places to stay. 

In this article, I have tried to explore some cheap budget hotels in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel location is important because easy access to public transport, cafes, restaurants and shopping malls can save travel time and transport cost. The light rail network in Kuala Lumpur is a very economical and efficient way to commute to some of the major tourist locations in the city. Therefore, finding a hotel close to public transport is a great way to minimize travel cost. 

Pangkor Island is located around 250 km north of Kuala Lumpur in the state of Perak. If you are planning to drive to Pangkor Island from Kuala Lumpur, it will take around 3 hours to reach Lumut, which is the nearest city to Pangkor Island. Pangkor Island is a popular holiday destination from Kuala Lumpur with plenty of quality accommodation and interesting things to do for the entire family. 

The Pangkor Island consists of Pangkor Laut, Giam Island, Mentagor Island and Simpan Island. These islands are popular destinations for tourism and fishing making Pangkor one of the most popular Island locations in Perak. The interior of the Pangkor Island is home to over 60 species of reptiles. The popular beaches at Pangkor include Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah and Coral Beach.

Visiting Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi

Rich colonial history, exotic food and a fascinating blend of old and modern make Georgetown and Penang one of the most desirable places to visit in Malaysia. Once part of British Colony, Georgetown is home to a number of buildings dating to the eighteenth century. These richly decorated buildings give an insight into booming historic past of the region. Georgetown has attracted various communities through centuries who have left a deep impact on history, architecture and cuisine of Georgetown.