If you are travelling with family to Pattaya there are great accommodation option available in and around Pattaya. Pattaya has undergone massive development in the last decade and you will observe large housing complexes and buildings along the Pattaya to Jomtien beach which is located around 5 km south of Pattaya CBD. Jomtien offers much calmer and family-friendly accommodation as it is not as congested as Pattaya. You can find serviced apartments for long-term rentals at very nominal rates.  

There are plenty of options to travel to Pattaya from Bangkok. If you are just planning to visit Pattaya catches a taxi costing around 1000 Baht. The prices are fixed for taxis from the airport. A better option is that you can rent a car from Avis or Eurocar at Bangkok Intl. Airport and drive to Pattaya in an hour. Average car rental is around 1200 Bhat per day. Make sure you get your third party insurance and extra cover to save from any unexpected event on the road.