Chao Praya River Bangkok Thailand

Dinner Cruise in River Chao Praya (Riverside)

One of the most enjoyable experience is to be out on the Chao Praya River which has been used as the main source of communication through centuries. Riverboats run through the river all day and you can charter boats as well as book cruise to float leisurely through the river while enjoying dinner and listening.

Chao Praya the "River of Kings" is the lifeline of Bangkok as it has been the main source of communication and trade in the past and still ferries around 50,000 people each day. Barges can be seen carrying cargo upstream. As you go past the city you can see wooden shacks along the river bearing the brunt of the centuries. 

Cruising along the river in the city you will observe modern condominiums and hotels and 19th-century building reminding of high time of colonial era. 

Boats and Ferries on the Chao Praya River

Chao Phraya Express Boat Company manages the 21km route through the city and ferries operate between 6 am to 730pm daily bearing different coloured flags indicating various routes. The local line stops at all 34 piers while express lines stopping at selected piers.

The easiest way to navigate for sightseeing is to get on Orange Flag line with a flat 15 bhat fee. This service runs all day through the week. Cross rivers ferries operating at all piers will drop you across the river for 3.5 bhat.