Eastern part of Thailand borders with Cambodia and Laos. The main attraction in this region is Pattaya, which has been one of the best tourist destinations near Bangkok. Pattaya is at a distance of 220km from Thailand. Notorious for its nightlife and booming sex-tourism, Pattaya is a hot destination for thrill-seekers as well as families wanting to enjoy a trip to islands and fishing, yachting, windsurfing or basking in the sun. Pattaya has amazing nightlife and flocks of westerns spend time in summers enjoying the beaches by the day and club culture all through the night. Pattaya has been popular for sex-tourism and you can easily find local Thai girls in the bars. You will be surprised to see how the street changes as the night approaches and you will find the block of street-side bars with scantily clothed ladies. Massage parlours are around every corner and offer quality services as the dry and soggy weather is very tiring and a day at the beach or shopping requires a good one hour massage to ease the stress.

If you are keen on checking out the local scene visit soi 6 which is located in the central part of Pattaya and walking distance from "Walking Street".

Accommodation in all prices ranges is available in Pattaya as it caters to a wide range of tourists from backpackers to long-term holidaymakers. Jomtien beach has become quite popular with families offering holiday apartments and furnished villas for long term stay. This location is a 10-minute drive from the main part of the city. 

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