Pattaya & Neighbouring Islands

Depending on the duration of your stay, budget and choice of activities you can choose your location in Pattaya. The public transport is pretty effective and you can hop on and off vans taking passengers around the city. However, not all beaches are close to each other and there is a fair amount of travel time required in peak periods due to heavy traffic. Therefore, choose your destination smartly. You can easily catch a bus or hire a taxi from Bangkok International Airport. The taxi is regulated and make sure you go through the proper queue and know what price you are paying for Pattaya. 

Jomtien Beach Pattaya

A good six-mile-long beach with lots of service apartment complexes with private beaches has emerged as a little brother of Pattaya. If there is not much traffic on the roads it will take you ten minutes in a car to get to Pattaya beach. Lately, this area has gained importance with family holidaymakers as you can find large furnished apartments at very reasonable prices. Also, you can have short or long term rental on private properties that is quite affordable if you are planning to live with your family for an extended period and want to have comfort own space and cooking area. The nightlife is rather relaxed and but you do find activity in bars in the side-street of Jomtien. Here are some of the nice properties that you can rent online

Jomtien Beach Accommodation

South and Central Pattaya

This area can get quite noisy and crowded for people seeking quiet beaches and undisturbed sun-bathing experience on the beaches of Pattaya. There are lots of nice shopping malls, massage parlours, restaurants and nightlife which get lit up in after eight and you start noticing a large number of bars with scantily clothed girls inviting tourist for drinks and entertainment with live music. You can find plenty of street-side stores selling souvenirs, handbags, t-shirts and touristy things. 

The "Walking Street" becomes a lifeline of Pattaya at night with large groups of merrymakers heading towards hedonistic retreats of fun and enjoyment. If the weather is not too humid this can be a fun and adventure area with brightly lit bars, karaokes and pubs. The walking street offers hassle-free entertainment and there is lots of adult entertainment that attracts tourists from all over the world. 

Dongtan Beach Pattaya

Pratumnak Beach Pattaya

There is a fair number of nice resorts and family accommodation options for people looking for a family holiday. Some of the popular hotels located in the main drag of Pattaya are:

Other attractions in Pattaya

Around the east coast, Ko Samet island is the main attraction to visit and is very popular with young people. The island has resorts, restaurants and entertainment without the hassle of having regular roads. If you have more time to yourself you would want to travel to Ko Change which is the second-largest island after Phuket. You can find some of the best resorts tucked away from the crowds. 

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