Wat Arun (riverside)

Th Arun Amarin, cross city ferry 3.5Bhat, 830am-530pm, Cross Riverside Ferry from Tha Tien

Situated by the river and accessible by charter boats as well as commerical boats is one of the most famous ones in the region.There is quite a lot of history to this temple as it symoblizes birth of Rattanakosin Period and founding of the new capital after fall of Ayutthaya. The monument is decorated in intricate mosaic details marking the re-emerence of the Thai capital after Burmese Invasion. 

wat arun

Wat arun is the most popular landmarks in Thailand visited by millions every year. Built in the name of Hindu God Aruna, symbolizing rays of sun, the temple receives earliest rays of the sun shining on its surface announcing the dawn of the day. The temple location is central if you are catching any of the ships along the river. For foreigners the temple charges 50bhat entrance fee. 

Hotels near Wat Arun

 Things to do in Wat Arun Area

Amulet Market: Maha Rat :7am - 5pm , Bus Number : 32, 201, 503.

The amulet markets are located on the side of Maha Rat and follow the narrow soi( leading to the river). You will find amulets and charms to change your destiny and save your from evil spells. It is an interesting journey through the folklore and culture of the region giving an insight into beliefs that surrounds thai society. 

Where to eat in Wat Arun Area

Khunkung Thai 

11am - 2pm & 4pm - 10 pm. Catch bus number 25, 32, 503, 508 

This cafe is located in the compound of the Royal Navy Association. Enjoy local seafood-based dishes such are crabs and fried rice with the locals. The entrance to the restaurant is near the ATMS

Where to drink

Amorosa Bar

www.arunresidence.com 36-38 Soi Pratu Nok Yung 6-11pm Bus 123, 508 Tha Tien

Probably the only bar in the are with killer view of Wat Arun and amazing views of the sun going down. Great spot for a beautiful evening seeing river traffic and dimming lights over the city.