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Kids Activities in Singapore: Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the most visited destinations in Singapore. With three interesting parks located right next to the zoo, this location has become a must-visit the site for families travelling to Singapore for holidays. If you have more time to yourself you would want to get multiple passes to visit

  • River Safari
  • Singapore Zoo
  • Night Safari
  • Jurong Bird Park

Children under three can enter these parks for free. If you plan to visit all four locations a promotional pass valid for three days cost around $60GDG. 

 Planning your trip to Singapore Zoo | River Safari | Night Safari

Planning to visit the Zoo

The zoo is located north of the city approximately 25km from Clarke Quay area. If you are planning to visit the zoo be mindful of the time it takes to get to the Zoo. There are several options to travel to the zoo. If you are planning to use MRT the easiest way is to get on the Red Northern Grid getting off at Ang Mo Kio. There is a large shopping centre and bus interchange at Ang Mo Kio. Walk up to the end of the terminal catching but 138 to the zoo. This bus trip takes around 25 minutes to the zoo. 

138 bus ride to singapore zoo

If you are staying in the south of the city. Catching trains and bus to the zoo will take around 1 hour 2 minutes. A taxi ride from the city to the zoo will cost around $25 SGD. 

Another option is to hop on a bus running from the various stop (hotels). The one nearest to Furama Hotel is the Miramar Hotel. This ride coast $12 to the zoo. The last bus from the zoo leaves around 11:15 pm. This is the easiest and most affordable option.

If you have a Sightseeing (hop-on) bus pass for a day costing around $43 you can also catch a bus to and back from the zoo. Keeping in view that the zoo visit will take approximately a day, it is not worth a while to buy this ticket if you want to explore other parts of the city. 

Taking into account travel time and the hot weather allocate extra time when travelling with kids. Humidity and heat will take its toll and you should allocate a day to cover 2 to three parks at the most in a day. 

There are four zoos based on different themes.  Don't forget that you will not be walking on a flat area in the zoo, therefore, wear comfortable shoes as there is ample walking involved if you want to explore all sections of the zoo.

Singapore Zoo


Individual ticket for the zoo is Adult = $33, while child ticket is $22. There are plenty of restaurants/cafes outside the zoo where you can find Asian and continental food. If you are travelling with kids you can rent prams from $9. Inside the zoo, you can also hop on a safari bus and get a guided tour. This is quite comfortable if you do not want to walk a lot. Once on the bus, you can hop on and hop off to explore various sections. Allow good 1.5 hours to explore the zoo. 

singapore zoo tour

A free Shuttle operating in the Zoo

If you are keen to attend various shows in the zoo, check the times online for in the day time you can participate in animal feeding as well as elephant shows. 

elephants in singapore zoo




 River Safari in Singapore Zoo

The river safari takes you through river adventures displaying interesting river creatures from all around the work. The interior is quite cool and refreshing and large water reservoirs hold fish found in rivers in Asia and other parts of the world. As you walk your way through a dimly lit tunnel which simulates walking in the underwater river you display various species of fish including deadly piranhas as well as otters.

acquarium at singapore river safari

Massive aquarium of freshwater fish

fish at singapore river safari

Killer piranhas

singapore river safari cruise

Some attractions at the River Safari

The river walks meaders it's way through lands of pythons, snakes and monkies finally terminating at the river safari cruise. The boat tour is quite educational and the audience is provided information on conservation efforts by Singapore zoo to create a sustainable environment for wildlife on land and water. The tour is quite enjoyable as you can zoo Giraffes on the other side of the river while enjoying the cool breeze of the ocean. 

singapore river safari

A Boat tour is part of the river safari


singapore river safari

  otters in singapore safari

 Sea otters

river safari singapore zoo

 Night Safari in Singapore Zoo

If you are booking the tickets online make sure you do it early as 7:15 pm slot for night safari is booked earlier and you will be forced to choose 8:15 pm or 9:15 pm slot. The safari starts with a fire show where performers play with fire creating an atmosphere for wild jungle adventures. You will be surprised to see a number of people queuing up for the safari as this tour is one of its kind in the world. 

Once you board on the buggy it takes you around in dark around compounds of wild goats, buffalos, rhinos, lions busy in their nocturnal activities. Safari is quite enjoyable as you can see the animal very near you. The darkness, dim light and sound of the insects create a magical atmosphere. You can stop buy at certain points to join walking tours through various treks in the safari. 

On your way out of the adventure, you can enjoy pleasant meals at one of many restaurants near the entrance. 

night safari singapore


The next big adventure is to find a ride back home. If you are getting out late around 11 make sure you get on the last ride of the bus departing to various stopovers in the city. Catching a cab is definitely an expensive option. SAEX express service provides drop-off at various locations as shown below. 

bus service to singapore zoo

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