Makhota Parade Food Court Melaka

Makhota Parada is an easy-going shopping mall for plenty of stores, clothing outlets, grocery outlets, pharmacies and hair designers. The food court is located on the first floor and offers a wide range of dining options ranging from popular Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian. There are a couple of fast food outlets as well including Macdonalds. If you are travelling with a family and want a quick bit, this is definitely the place. You will need to buy a coupon card and add credit to the card. This card is accepted by all outlets in the food courts. Food, drinks and desserts can be bought with this card.  

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Geographer Cafe Melaka

I have visited the Geographer Cafe many times over the years. This cafe is located in Jonker Walk, the famous touristy area in downtown Melaka City. The cafe offers local food snacks and drinks and is very popular with European Tourists, backpackers and people wanting to enjoy the local flavours of Malacca. 

Enjoy live music on the weekend nights while sipping local beers and fruit drinks. The funky and laid-back atmosphere with a good mix of local food and snacks make this interesting structure a must-visit location every time you visit Melaka.

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Nancy's Kitchen Melaka

I visited Nancy's Kitchen in August 2019 during my weekend stay in Melaka over Eid (Hari Raya) Holidays. I visited this restaurant in 2009 in the Jonker Walk area. The restaurant has relocated to a new location in the more developed and modern part of Melaka. 

Nyonya Food (Peranakan Food) is an outcome of intermixing of Malaysian and Chinese through inter-marriages in the early part of the 20th Century. The food brings influences from Indonesian/Malaysian cooking styles with a rich mix of spices and herbs. Some of the active ingredients used in most of the dishes include galangal, candlenuts, laksa leaves, fragrant kaffir lime leaves, pandan leaves, belachan and lemongrass. 

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