Geographer Cafe

I have visited the Geographer Cafe many times over the years. This cafe is located in Jonker Walk, the famous touristy area in downtown Melaka City. The cafe offers local food snacks and drinks and is very popular with European Tourists, backpackers and people wanting to enjoy the local flavours of Malacca. 

Enjoy live music on the weekend nights while sipping local beers and fruit drinks. The funky and laid-back atmosphere with a good mix of local food and snacks make this interesting structure a must-visit location every time you visit Melaka.


Georgrapher Cafe Melaka

The simple architecture of the building with a nice wooden interior and street-facing sitting area reflects the influences of early colonial design and layout. The cafe is equally popular with locals and foreigners with a good mix of dishes on the menu. Enjoy western food like pizza, sandwiches and deep-fried dishes along with a good mix of popular Malaysian cuisine including soups and rice dishes. 


Geographer Cafe Malacca

Geographer Cafe Melaka

Enjoy the passing crowds in the busy Jonker walk while enjoying a chilled local beer. Weekend nights bring live music and the venues stay open till midnight. 

Melaka Jonker Walk Geographer Cafe

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