• Driving from Sydney to Armidale

    Alternative way to drive from Sydney to Brisbane is to take a scenic route through New England. On the way, you will see beautiful cities of Singleton, Scone, Tamworth and Armidale. After passing the Newcastle Pacific Highway splits in two, one going towards Port Macquarie and other towards Armidale. This is called the New England Highway. During busy holiday season if you have more time to yourself, rather than joining the long traffic queue on Pacific Highway it's better to take New England Highway towards Brisbane. The only downside is that it passes through a number of small towns and the speed limit is 60km/hour in these towns.

  • Exploring Blue Mountains near Sydney

    Blue mountains can be seen westward from any high location in the City. Stretching across from Penrith towards inner NSW covering an area of 11,400 sq. km, this is one of the most popular locations to visit if you are visiting Sydney for a couple of days. Katoomba the main city in the Blue Mountains is some 80 km from Sydney. Take M4 and you can get there in less than an hour. Once past Hawkesbury River in Penrith you will start climbing up the mountains with beautiful towns of Springfield, Hazelbrook, Leura, Wentworth Falls Katoomba and Black Health. 

  • Exploring Nelson Bay and Port Stephens NSW

    Port Nelson NSW

    Nelson Bay and Port Stephen are great destinations for a relaxed as well as adventurous holiday if you are travelling with kids. The regions boast of longest sand dunes in Australia and 10-mile beach where you can indulge in plenty of tours and activities run all throughout the year. 

  • Sydney to Gold Coast Stopovers

    Sydney to Gold Coast

    The average driving time between Sydney and Brisbane is 11 hours. If you want to travel along the coast take Pacific Highway 1. If travelling with family you can break up your trip in two to three stops if you have more time to yourself. There are some great destinations and stopover cities which you can explore. Here is a list of interesting towns and possible stop-overs:

    Newcastle |  Port Stephens & Port Nelson |