Best Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

  • Precious Old China Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

    Precious Old China

    If you want to enjoy the charm and glory of colonial Kuala Lumpur, Precious Old China is an interesting restaurant nicely tucked away on the first floor of historical Central Market in Kuala Lumpur. The ambience is great and decor immediately transforms into a different era with dark coloured furniture and dimly lit interior. Different sections of the restaurant are decorated to reflect cultural motifs and designs of 1950's Chinese restaurants. The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate over 100 guests. 

  • Sek Yuen - Oldest Kuala Lumpur Restaurant

    Sek Yuen

    Sek Yuen is an interesting find in Kuala Lumpur and was recommended to me by the owner of Restoran Yut Kee. Sek Yuen prides itself on being one of the few oldest Chinese restaurants serving Kuala Lumpur foodies for over 75 years. The restaurant specializes in serving crispy skin duck cooked over a wood-fired stove in a traditional Chinese style. 

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