Sydney Attractions

  • Driving from Sydney to Wollongong

    Sydney to Wollongong Road trip

    Wollongong is a very popular destination some 80 km from the city. You can drive or catch a train that takes around an hour and cost approx $16 on city rail to get there. The train runs from central station at country link platform. Wollongong is located on South Coastline, passing through Hurstville, Shire District and some of the most scenic spots like Helensburgh, Stinson Beach, Thirroul. 

  • Exploring Blue Mountains near Sydney

    Blue mountains can be seen westward from any high location in the City. Stretching across from Penrith towards inner NSW covering an area of 11,400 sq. km, this is one of the most popular locations to visit if you are visiting Sydney for a couple of days. Katoomba the main city in the Blue Mountains is some 80 km from Sydney. Take M4 and you can get there in less than an hour. Once past Hawkesbury River in Penrith you will start climbing up the mountains with beautiful towns of Springfield, Hazelbrook, Leura, Wentworth Falls Katoomba and Black Health. 

  • Exploring Nelson Bay and Port Stephens NSW

    Port Nelson NSW

    Nelson Bay and Port Stephen are great destinations for a relaxed as well as adventurous holiday if you are travelling with kids. The regions boast of longest sand dunes in Australia and 10-mile beach where you can indulge in plenty of tours and activities run all throughout the year. 

  • More about Sydney Australia

    Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world to travel to. It is a major destination for millions of tourists from south-east Asia as well as Europe escaping from cold winters and looking for beautiful warm beaches. The land down under attracts hundreds of young backpackers and working holidaymakers to the city. The city offers good work opportunities as there is a lot of business activity all through the year.  

  • Sydney to Jervis Bay and Canberra

    Jervis Bay is 200 km south of Sydney. The drive on Princess Highway towards Wollongong. In order to save time fist stop can be Kiama which is 1.5 hours from Sydney. Kiama is famous for its blow-hole and light-house. You can stop by for brunch or lunch at one of many cafes in the city. Drive further south takes you to the historic town of Berry. Berry is a nice historic town and has very lively ambience. There are many nice cafes and restaurants along the Princess Highway. The next stop on the way is Ulladulla and is quite popular for fishing. There are nice cabin available along the river and offers an ideal environment for relaxing by the waterfront and enjoying boating and fishing.