Chaing Mai offers wide range of interesting activities to the visitors both indivdual and travelling with family. Here is some basic information for the travellers

How to get there


From Bangkok: You can catch a Government Bus which will cost around 200  bhat and make frequent stops along the way. 

Catch a non-stop buses you can find from Khao San Raod (called VIP buses) can take around 9 hours and cost 550 bhat. 


Daytime Services: leaves at around 830am and 1430 am and costing on average 250 bhat.

Overnight sleepers are another alternative to find comfortable bunks and save daytime travelling. For private bed comnpartment, you pay around 1400 bhat. Tickets can be bought using visa/MasterCard 60 days in advance. 

Bangkok Train stations:

Rama 4 Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330; Thailand  +66 2 223 7461

Arun Amarin Bridge, Thon Buri, Bangkok, 10600; Thailand +66 2 411 3102

Accommodation in Chiang Mai

OAM Hotels