Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is beautiful mountain ranges and hill resorts that are ideal for holidays away from hustle and bustle of Bangkok life. The mountains are home to ethnic tribes and habitat for wild range of wild life including elephants. The villages has some very old tribes still living in their traditional manner. Day tours are organized from destinations life Chiang Mai to visit these remote locations. 

Large amount of area is turned into sancturies and there is ban on logging and provide safe haven for native species of birds and animals. Chaing Mai has 13th century temples and historically been the the captial of Lanna Thai Kingdom. 

Chaing Mai

A culturally very significant city which is located along the River Ping. The city has gained significance as it was contenting for hosting world expo 2020. Chiang Mai has been an old trading route because of its proximity to the river and through centuries have remained a capital city. Interesting remnants of the past and old monasteries are scattered all over the province that provides a glimpse into the historic past. Read More

Chiang Rai

located in north is an ideal location for trekking and visiting hill-tribe villages. You will find a significant influence of Thai, Burmese and Laotian culture in food and lifestyle. You will excellent crafted good made of silver and locally available materials. 

Mae Hon Son

A trekky location easily accessible by roads offers a remote retreat for trekkers and people exploring the wilderness of Thailand. You will find plenty of good hotels and excellent roads