Sydney Harbour Bridge

Are you planning to witness the mesmerizing Sydney Harbour Fireworks this year? The fantastic news is that the Sydney City Council has made the decision to proceed with the fireworks display that typically attracts an audience of more than a million enthusiastic spectators annually.

Public Transport for Sydney Harbour Fireworks

Approximately 3 billion individuals across the globe eagerly anticipate the mesmerizing display of fireworks. However, this year's spectacle will be accompanied by a series of restrictions that necessitate visitors to acquire a pass from Service NSW after securing a reservation at a nearby hotel or restaurant near the iconic Harbour Bridge.

Let's delve into the notable alterations for this year's Sydney Harbour Bridge Fireworks:

1. Please note there are no fireworks on Saturday December 30. Join us for NYE fireworks at 9pm and 12am on Sunday December 31

2. Designated zones will be meticulously allocated in the Harbour Bridge Area, North Sydney, and the City Area.

3. An alluring green zone encompassing the mesmerizing Circular Quay area will be exclusively accessible to pass-holders, who can conveniently download their passes upon making bookings at venues with splendid vantage points. Local residents will also be granted entry into these zones, fostering a sense of community.

4. Individuals with confirmed bookings are kindly requested to download a form from the Service NSW website to ensure a seamless experience.

5. Positioned behind the green zones, vibrant yellow zones will be enforced, granting visitors the opportunity to revel in the ethereal fireworks. Notably, the presence of vigilant law enforcement officers will ensure strict adherence to social distancing measures within these zones.

6. It is important to note that Bradfield Park, Blues Point Reserve, Cremone Reserve, Kurraba Reserve, and Quibaree Park will regrettably remain closed to the public, emphasizing the need for alternative viewing locations.

These adjustments aim to prioritize public safety while still allowing individuals to relish the awe-inspiring fireworks.

If you are planning to enjoy the fireworks this year, planning ahead is essential to ensure that you enjoy the most of this event. With zones established, using you should have a plan to use public transport. Taxis dropping off people at green zone will be required to check-in with a QR code with the venue, pub or bar.

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Circular Quay area near the Opera House is Green Zone only accessibly with a pass

It is highly recommended to plan your trip in advance. If you are taking a train to witness the mesmerizing fireworks, it is advisable to avoid the heavy traffic during peak hours. Ensure that your opal card is properly registered and functioning. An exciting new addition to public transportation will be indicated by vibrant green dots, designating safe spaces for passengers to either stand or sit comfortably. Conversely, a red dot signifies that passengers should patiently wait for the next train. It is worth mentioning that students will be given priority when boarding the trains.

What are some of the best sports around Sydney commanding good views of Harbour Bridge?

Eastern Suburbs in Sydney 

The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney offer breathtaking views of the Harbour Bridge from a distance. Nielson Park in Vaucluse, Green Point Reserve in Watson Bay, and Dudley Page Reserve in Dover Heights provide stunning vantage points of the iconic bridge. The streets between Military Road in Dover Heights and Old South Head Road attract large local crowds who gather to enjoy the spectacular fireworks display.

A true gem in Vaucluse, Strickland House is a Heritage Building that boasts unparalleled views of the Sydney CBD. This exquisite venue is often booked for private parties, and its rolling lawns and beach area provide a picturesque backdrop overlooking the majestic Harbour Bridge.


Watsons Bay, Vaucluse in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

View of Harbour Bridge from the Western Side of Harbour Bridge

Observatory Hill, The Rocks

Observatory Hill is nestled alongside the majestic rocks, offering an enchanting view of the Harbour Bridge on its western side. This breathtaking location is a beloved haven for delightful picnics and unforgettable wedding photoshoots. Accessing the park is a breeze - simply take a lovely stroll up the road on Argyle Street in Rocks. Alternatively, you can ascend the enchanting stairs near the junction of Harrington Street and Argyle Street, which seamlessly connect to the road leading to the Observatory on Observatory Hill.


Observatory Hill. The Rocks commanding great views of the Harbour Bridge

 Gladesville Bridge

Gladesville Bridge undeniably offers one of the most breathtaking views of the Harbour Bridge from the western side. In the past, traffic would come to a temporary halt as people delighted in the mesmerizing 12-minute fireworks display. Over the past few years, this incredible vantage point has been attracting larger and larger crowds. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone, the police closely monitor the bridge during the fireworks. Adjacent to the East Balmain Ferry Terminal, there is a lovely park where you can unwind and soak in the panoramic views of the western side of the Harbour Bridge. This spot is bound to be filled early by enthusiastic fireworks enthusiasts, so be sure to arrive early with your picnic basket, a mat, and plenty of water.

In addition to the Gladesville Bridge area, there are also restaurants in this neighborhood that offer exceptional views. The Woolich Pier Hotel near Woolich Lookout, the Drummoyne Sailing Club in Drummoyne, and the Birkenhead Shopping Mall all provide fantastic vistas of the magnificent Harbour Bridge. 

End of Darling Street in East Balmain 

East Balmain is a Yellow Zone and public gathering with active police presence with move-on Police Powers. This area attracts plenty of local crowd from Rozelle, Birchgrove and Lilyfield area. This section of the cities is popular with families. There is no train access.

best locations to watch new years fireworks ins sydney
views of sydney harbour from balmain

The nearest point accessible by Light Rail is on Catherine Street in Lilyfiled. Alternatively, you will be required to catch a bus. 

City Locations to Enjoy the Fireworks

Pyrmont and Glebe enjoy great views of the Harbour Bridge. Ballarat Park and Piramma Park are great choices for most enthusiast visitors. These parks are yellow zones, therefore, early birds will get the best spots. Pirmma Park has public toilets and BBQ spots as well. 

Chukka Asian Fusion Restaurant the end of Jones Bay Wharf overlook the Harbour Bridge. Therefore, booking this restaurant for a dinner can be a great idea. 

Barangaroo Reserve

Bangaroo Reserve is a fresh addition to the Sydney Landscape, situated at the end of Hickson Road near the upcoming Barangaroo Casino. Surprisingly, this park was established even before the construction of the casino began, and it is anticipated to be completed by the end of next year. What makes this open space truly remarkable are the breathtaking views it offers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Paramatta River, with a picturesque backdrop of Balmain and Glebe.


This park is expected to fill up early with firework enthusiasts and families. The rolling grassy knoll commands amazing views of the Harbour and is an ideal spot to enjoy the magnificent fireworks on the new years eve this year. 

What are some of the hotels with the best views of the Fireworks?

Sydney has a number of hotels with amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The hotels located on Circular Quay include Sydney Inter-Continental , The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney , Shangrila Hotel Sydney  and Park Hyatt . These are all 5-Star Hotels. Book online in advance to get the best rates. The rooms might not be available near Christmas. 


Another amazing Hotel with great views is Sydney Harbourside in North Sydney, overlooking the Harbour Bridge.

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