Parking in First World Hotel Genting Highlands

Planning a trip to Genting Highlands and not sure where to Park? This is definitely a valid question for any smart traveler as Genting Highlands is a very popular destination with hundreds of visitors every day and organizing a trip to Genting needs a bit of planning. 

I frequently visit Genting Highlands and always prefer to park at the First World Hotel due to the convenience of getting in and out of the venues. The parking at the First World  Hotel used to be a free couple of years ago. In recent years, a parking fee is enforced which can be paid at the time of leaving the hotel. The automatic payment machines are located in the lobby opposite the lifts on the ground floor. 

driving to genting highlands first world hotel parking

Driving to First World Hotel in Genting Highlands

The First World Hotel has multi-story Parking. The Fee Schedule as posted by Resorts World Genting is as follows

Monday – Friday Weekend, Public Holiday and School Holiday
1st Hours or part thereof RM2 RM3
Every Subsequent hour or part thereof RM2 RM3
6 Hours or up to maximum daily rate 6 Hours or up to maximum daily rate 6 Hours or up to maximum daily rate
RM12 RM18 RM12


Few tips for parking your car at the Genting Highlands Car Park:

  • If you are visiting casually, I suggest you park at the First World Hotel. Once you reach the casinos, take a sharp left turn, following signs for First World Parking. Exit to the right. 
  • Parking at Maxims or Awana can be a bit of a challenge as the walking distance to First World is quite a bit.
  • Also, if you leave in the late hours, the multi-story parking at Awana looks abandoned, and difficult to find the exit on the bottom floor. I have spent over 25 minutes trying to figure out how to exit the multi-story parking. 
  • Make sure to take a photograph of the floor where you park your car so you can remember which level you parked your car on. 
  • Make sure to carry the ticket with you as the pay stations are located in the hotel lobby. 
  • Do not park at No-Parking zones to avoid your car being towed away. 

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parking at awana skycab genting highlands

Parking at Awana Skyway Cable Car Station at Gohtong Jaya

Another alternative to avoid parking at the first world is to park your car at the Awana SkyWay Cable Car Station and catch a Skyway to reach the lobby at the Awana Casino and Shopping Malls. Make sure to be back before the time the Skyway stops operating. Alternatively, you can catch a cab or GRAB to the parking station for Awana SkyWay. 

parking in first world hotel genting

Make sure to record your level and zone before leaving your car in the First World Hotel Parking

As most casinos are located side by side in Genting Highlands, the parking for Maxims and Resorts World is also available if the parking is full at First World Hotel. There is considerable walking distance between the casinos as you will need to walk through covered passages and hallways.  

Genting Highlands Attractions


During my last visit in October 2022, I was interested in attending the Durian Festival at Awana Car Park and ended up Parking in the undercover car park at the Awana. I left the casino later in the night and found it very difficult to exit as the parking ticket machine was not working after fixing that issue I was not able to figure out the exit to the multi-story building. 

awana car park at genting highlands

Outdoor Parking in front of Awana Resort in Genting Highlands

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