Genting Highlands

  • A trip to Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms

    Genting Strawberry and Lavendar Farms

    Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms is a trendy destination for a day trip from Kuala Lumpur. Most day-trippers to Genting Highlands stop over at the farms for an hour before catching Awana Skyway Cable Car  to Awana Resorts. The Strawberry and Lavender Gardens offer a pleasant retreat from the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur. The children can enjoy strawberry picks and learn about amazing plants and flowers grown in the region. 

  • Bentong Pahang - Roadtrip from Kuala Lumpur to Bentong

    Bentong Pahang

    Bentong is a popular tourist spot in Pahang known for its good food and night markets. I had in the past visited Tropicale Colmar in Berjaya Hills and Genting Highlands but somehow never ventured further along Highway E8 leading to Kuantan.

  • Bukit Tinggi Pahang & Tropicale Colmar

    Tropicale Colmar Berjaya Hills

    Bukit Tinggi is a very popular tourist location in the hills of Pahang. The area is located very close to Genting Highlands in Berjaya Hills which is a popular hill resort. With the higher altitude and cooler temperatures, there are plenty of retreats and resorts located in the region. The sweltering summer heat and humidity in Kuala Lumpur drive throngs of people to escape to these amazing hilly retreats. 

  • Genting Highlands Malaysia's most popular destination

    Genting Highlands

    Genting Highlands Pahang Malaysia is one of the premier tourist destinations in Malaysia attractions millions of visitors from across the world as well as Malaysia. Genting is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur which makes it a very popular destination for a day trip or a weekend break for the entire family. Covering a distance of 80 km on an uphill climb makes it popular for bike riders and sports car owners who speed up the winding road leading to the casinos.  

  • Japanese Village Bukit Tinggi Pahang

    Japanese Garden Berjaya Hills

    Bukit Tinggi and Japanese Garden are must-visit destinations if you are planning to visit Genting Highlands from Kuala Lumpur. All of these locations can be covered in a day trip if you leave early in the morning. Most tour operators for a day trip start from 8 am from Kuala Lumpur City and that gives enough time to travel and enjoy various locations in Genting Highlands

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