• Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

    Kuala lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is a booming metropolis attracting over 29 million tourists from around the world. The city is spread of 243 sq.km with a population of over 1.8 million. With world-class road and transport infrastructure and hub of air traffic to South-East Asia, Kuala Lumpur has become a major the starting point of exploring South-East Asia for many travellers flying from Europe and mainland Asia. Cheap airline tickets and over 50000 rooms in KL alone make it a very popular tourist destination. Kl provides easy and efficient road as well as air access to destinations like Singapore and Southern Thailand. 

    Whether you want to travel by trains, roads or sea, Malaysia is a very affordable country to travel.  I have travelled to KL over 50 times in the last 15 years and explored most of the areas of this interesting city in details. I have seen this city evolve over last decade and enjoy the great cultural mix, culinary experience and interesting historical places to visit. Here is some useful information I have compiled over the years. 

    Why Kuala Lumpur?

    Get a Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is the hub of AirAsia one of the largest budget airlines in the work. With thousand of connecting flights routed through KL, it has become a major destination as well as a stopover for many travellers flying to other amazing destinations in ASEAN countries. Planning to travel to KL, find a Cheap Flight online with JedRadar. 

    Kuala Lumpur offers Cheap Accommodation

    Kuala Lumpur has hundred of cheap budget hotels and hostels in all major tourist areas of the city.  There are more than 50,000 hotel rooms in Kuala Lumpur alone. Check for amazing rates online. 

    Great road infra-structure

    Kuala Lumpur is connected to all major cities in Malaysia through major road network. You can drive to Melaka and Ipoh in one hour from KL City. Most popular destinations like Pangkor, Penang and Taman Negara are easily accessible by road networks. 

    Amazing Cultural diversity

    Malaysia has a good mix of Chines, Malaysia and the Indian population that add colour to the diverse cultural heritage of Malaysia. With Muslim and non-Muslim population living in perfect harmony, Malaysia is equally attracted to the Muslim population from around the globe as well as foreigners seeking rich cultural and travel experience. 


    Malaysia is a relatively affordable destination as compared to its neighbouring countries. Budget-conscious backpackers and young travellers find Malaysia an ideal destination where they can travel under $30 a day. This is possible due to affordable transport, food and accommodation available across the country. 

  • Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur - Part 2

    In this part, I am exploring places located at the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. KL has a great public transport comprising buses, trains, light rail and taxis. Public transport is very cheap as compared to catching taxis. However, my experience is that renting a car and driving in Kuala Lumpur is the most convenient way to explore more and save time, as public transport can be crowded and time-consuming. 

    Some of the interesting places like Batu Caves, Genting Highlands and Tropicale Colmar are located at less than 1-hour driving distance from Kuala Lumpur. This makes these locations a great destination for a day trip. Genting Highlands can get very crowded over the weekends and public holidays. Surprisingly the hotel rates drop by more than 70% in mid-week at First World Hotel. Check Rates online. Also, if you are driving you will find a lot of lesser traffic on the roads. 

  • Three Days in Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

    Kuching Sarawak

    Kuching is one of the most interesting destinations in Malaysia located in the Southern End of Sarawak. The flight time from Kuala Lumpur is approximately 1 hour. AirAsia flights operate daily with price ranging from 40RM to 100RM (between A$10 -30) I boarded an early morning flight so I can utilise the first day constructively.

  • Visit Melaka Malaysia

    Visit Melaka Malacca

    The UNESCO listed state, Melaka provides a unique food experience with its Nyonya cuisine and is very close to KL and Port Dickson (PD) making it a must-visit weekend destination for solo travellers or families. Walkabout in the festive Jonker Street, take a romantic river cruise, visit A’Famosa Theme Parks with kids and friends for the ultimate fun experience or fall in love with Port Dickson forest trails and water sports. Read More

  • Visiting Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi

    Batu Ferringhi

    Once part of British Colony, Georgetown is marked with the innumerable building dating to the eighteenth century. These richly decorated buildings give you an insight into booming historic past. You can find plenty of mosques, churches, and temples showing the mixed heritage of this place.

  • Visiting Georgetown Penang

    Visiting Georgetown Penang

    Chase the street art/art installations, walk along with the charming British Colonial houses with a camera in the hand and a sense of wonder in the heart, witness the elegance of the clan jetties almost floating on the quayside or have a food and shopping extravaganza at Gurney Drive and all over Georgetown. Head over for resort/beach fun and a vibrant Night Market at Batu Ferringhi. Penang will never let you go even after you leave!  Read More

  • Visiting IPOH in Perak

    ipoh in perak

    Ipoh is around 250km North of Kuala Lumpur. The driving distance from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh is around three hours. The freeway is AH2. The drive on freeways is quite good, however, keep an eye on the speeding motorists.