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Desaru Coast is a highly sought-after destination situated on the southern edge of East Coast Malaysia. A mere 80 km drive from Johor Bahru via the convenient motorway E22 will lead you to this tropical paradise. As you exit onto Highway 90, the towering presence of 4 Points Sheraton will catch your eye, surrounded by a plethora of new developments, bustling markets, and vibrant shopping areas.

A bustling commercial hub greets visitors before they reach the Entrance to Desaru, attracting a steady stream of weekenders and day-trippers to this sought-after spot in Johor. The recent surge in new developments lining the roads to Desaru has caught the attention of developers, who are now showcasing holiday retreats and residential properties to eager buyers. 

Planning a trip to Desaru Coast from Johor Bahru? 

After indulging in a quick breakfast at a cozy cafe near Z Hotel in Johor Bahru, my journey commenced around 8 in the morning. The charming old town boasts an array of Coffee Shops and Cafes, creating a delightful atmosphere. The twenty-five-minute drive from Bandar Johor Bahru to Ulu Tiram offers a glimpse of the bustling suburbs and picturesque localities on both sides. Being a first-time visitor to Johor, I made a mental note to delve deeper into this area on my next trip towards the year's end.

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A popular Cafe in Johor Bahru near V-Hotel where I stayed in Johor 

To fully enjoy your trip, it is recommended to travel by car, as most attractions near Desaru Beach are not easily accessible by public transportation. As you cruise along Highway E22, you will notice the peaceful road with minimal traffic and picturesque palm plantations lining the way to Desaru. Make a pit stop at a halfway point, where you can refuel at a service station and indulge in local delicacies like flavorful rice and noodle dishes at the charming cafes nearby.



Jambatan Sungai Johor

Before continuing my journey to Desaru, I indulged in a delightful light snack and a steaming cup of tea. As I traveled along the road that runs alongside the Johor River, I marveled at its vast expanse. The picturesque Jamatan Sungai Johor bridge provided a perfect opportunity for capturing breathtaking views on both sides. With numerous vessels gracefully docked in the river, it became evident that this waterway served as a vital transportation route for the movement of goods from the towns upstream.

desaru roatrip map

Map of my roadtrip from Johor Bahru to Desaru

The toll from Johor to Desaru amounts to approximately RM 13. After exiting the freeway, I followed the signs leading toward Desaru on the right. The region is currently undergoing significant development to unlock its full potential as a future tourism hotspot.


Commerical Area near Desaru

The nearby markets offer a variety of dining options, including KFC and other fast food choices, indicating that upscale travelers may prefer to stay at Four Points Sheraton and other upscale resorts in the area. With Desaru Beach just under 8 km away, it's convenient for guests staying at coastal resorts to easily access shopping and dining options.


Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Spa  is a popular Resort along Desaru Coast

The entrance to Desaru has a beautiful multi-colored sign of Desaru. It is a nice spot to take a selfie or picture for Instagram. There are several beautiful resorts in Bandar Panwar Area including

Further up the road towards the southern tip is more luxury resorts including

The public Desaru Beach is located before the Westin Resort. The public beach is very well maintained with public toilets, a BBQ area, and plenty of open space on the beach for watersports. 




Beautiful Desaru Coastline is popular for water sports

DASH OUTDOOR offers group watersports and action sports. The weekends are quite busy with large crowds arriving from Johor Bahru. The car access to the beach is RM 6. 

Where to stay at Desaru Coast?

I stayed for a night at the Hard Rock Hotel and enjoyed this lavish resort offering quality accommodation. The resort has an indoor water theme park with kids' sports, a wave generator, water slides, and lots more. If you are planning a holiday with children I highly recommend this resort.


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I enjoyed the restaurants and the bars on the premises. The evening is enjoyable as some local bands play classic rock for the audience and it's a great place to socialize and meet travelers from across the world. I suggest booking the hotel for the weekend, as their theme park is open as well as there lot more activities on the beach. 

A beach bar is located within walking distance from the Hard Rock towards Westin Hotel


At night time I decided to have dinner at the highly recommended "Nelayan Seafood By the Coast" located next to Tunamaya Beach Resort.

The seafood BBQ at nighttime is not missed. The beautiful location of this restaurant the beach is very pleasant in the evening. There are both indoor and outdoor sitting areas in the restaurant. 

What to do at Desaru Beach?

Desaru Beach is popular for watersports and group activities. A highly skilled team at DASH (Desaru Public Beach) provides a wide range of water sports including water scooters, banana boats as well as wind-surfing. Other facilities include:

  • Surf lessons
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Boats
  • Waterski, wakeboards, kneeboards
  • Fat Bikes 


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How to travel from Singapore to the Desaru Coast?

Desaru is a very popular holiday destination for Singaporeans and is easily accessible by car or bus. The driving distance from Singapore to Desaru Coast is 100 km. 

Travelling to Desaru from Singapore by Bus

Plenty of tours operate and organize bus tours from Singapore. A normal bus tour is organized by WTS bus services, which operates one service per weekday and twice on the weekend. The one-way ticket costs around $S 17.

The bus tickets can be booked online using Easybook.

Catching a Ferry from Singapore to Desaru Coast

An easier option to travel to Louts Beach Resort in Desaru is through Changi Ferry Terminal. The travel time is 30 minutes and two ferry services operate in a day from Singapore. The ticket price for the ferry is $S 40 including the $S1 insurance fee. 

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Budget Hotel Stays:



Desaru is a great location for a family holiday as there is plenty of resort-styled accommodation available in all price ranges. With access to other attractions including Ostrich Park, Crocodile Park, and Waterpark, Desaru Coast is ideal for a short or long stay. 

desaru coast from singapore

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