Best things do to around Sydney

  • Best backpackers Hostel Locations in Sydney

    Sydney Backpackers hostels

    Hostels are a popular choice for budget-conscious backpackers and working holiday visa travellers to Sydney Australia.  Summers (from October to December) brings a large number of holidaymakers and backpackers from around the world looking for cheap accommodation near the city. Sydney is one of the most expensive cities to stay, therefore, the choice of right accommodation is the first step to maximize your holiday fun by cutting down on accommodation costs. 

    I have lived in Sydney for over 20 years and have prioritized suburbs based on easy access to transport, proximity to places of interest, nightlife and access to cheap food outlets. Here is pick on some of the best locations to stay for budget-conscious travellers. 

  • Best Beaches in Sydney for Sunrise

    Best Beaches in Sydey

    Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities with amazing beaches along its 70 km of coastline. To explore all the hidden beaches in lovely spots in detail requires a couple of days. Most beaches are very well maintained and ideal for swimming. Popular spots like Bondi, Coogee and Cronulla have a lifeguard on duty and have strict regulation for swimming and surfing. A warm summer weekend attracts large crowds to Bondi and Coogee Beaches which are popular locations for swimming and surfing. 

  • Day trip to Central Coast NSW Australia from Sydney

    Central Coast NSW

    Central Coast NSW offers a beautiful option for a day trip from Sydney. The beautiful coastline is marked with a number of small coastal towns with a very relaxed feel and a different vibe from hustle and bustle of Sydney. Many Sydneysiders escape to the Central Coast for holidays or weekend breaks. Most of the popular locations are located within 3 hours drive from Sydney which makes it very manageable if you are travelling with kids. 

  • Day Trips around Sydney

    Day trips around Sydney

    Sydney offers some of the best landscapes of New South Wales ranging from pristine beaches, national parks, rivers and 400 million years old mountain valleys and caves. There is plenty to do in and around Sydney, therefore, planning your trip is essential to get the best out of this amazing city. The amazing coastline runs from Cronulla in South to Mona Vale and Avalon in the North offering rockpool and well-maintained beaches with picnic areas. Extensive information is available online on parklands, bushwalking tracks and picnic spots around the city. Here is a list of some of the most interesting activities you can undertake around Sydney. 

  • Driving from Sydney to Wollongong - NSW Day Trips

    Sydney to Wollongong Road trip

    Wollongong is a very popular destination some 80 km from the city. You can drive or catch a train that takes around an hour and cost approx $16 on city rail to get there. The train runs from the central station to the country link platform. Wollongong is located on South Coastline, passing through Hurstville, Shire District and some of the most scenic spots like Helensburgh, Stinson Beach, Thirroul. 

  • Exploring Blue Mountains near Sydney

    Blue Mountains Australia

    The Blue Mountains Australia is one of my all-time favourite locations for a day trip from Sydney. Sydney is blessed with a beautiful rolling coastline with breath-taking beaches as well as national forests in the north and west of the city. The Blue Mountains National Park is a well-developed area and home to a number of beautiful towns, historical locations and 400 million years old rock formation and caves.

  • Exploring Nelson Bay and Port Stephens NSW

    Port Nelson NSW

    Nelson Bay and Port Stephen are great destinations for a relaxed as well as adventurous holiday if you are travelling with kids. Port Stephens Australia has the longest sand dunes in Australia and 10-mile beach. With a unique landscape comprising water inlets and a long stretch of sand dunes, Port Stephens and Nelson Bay are great places to explore for a day trip or a weekend break. 

  • Exploring Southern Highlands in NSW

    Southern Highlands NSW

    A one or two day trip is ideal to explore southern highlands in NSW. From Sydney drive on M5 towards Canberra. M5 merges into Hume Highway. Exit for Mittagong from Hume Highway. Mittagong is a beautiful town with a couple of nice cafes and restaurants in the main shopping areas. This place gets quite crowded over the weekends as it attracts visitors from nearby areas.

  • More about Sydney Australia

    Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world to travel to. It is a major destination for millions of tourists from south-east Asia as well as Europe escaping from cold winters and looking for beautiful warm beaches. The land down under attracts hundreds of young backpackers and working holidaymakers to the city. The city offers good work opportunities as there is a lot of business activity all through the year.  

  • Some interesting locations to explore around Sydney

    Sydney things to do

    Sydney Metropolitan area covers an area of surrounded by dense national forests on Northern, the western and southern tip of the city.  The city landscape is a good mix of hilly terrain, waterways, rivers, beautiful beaches and amazing lookouts commanding great views of the city.

  • Southern Highlands Attractions NSW

    Southern Highlands NSW

    Planning a day excursion from Sydney? Southern Highlands offers a perfect option for a day trip from Sydney if you want to enjoy beautiful rustic landscapes, cool temperatures, a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of historical architecture. In recent years plenty of affluent Sydneysider families have bought properties in these laid back towns because of open spaces, bigger landholding and amazing quality of life at a driving distance from the city of Sydney.

  • Sydney to Jervis Bay, Bateman's Bay and Canberra

    Sydney to Jervis Bay

    Jervis Bay is 200 km south of Sydney. A remarkable, beach area Jervis is popular for whitest sands and blue water. This destination attracts a large number of tourist from Sydney as well as other cities in NSW.  Jervis is a great stopover for visitors travelling from Sydney to Melbourne via Princess Highway. With easy road access and campgrounds available near the beaches, Jervis is ideal for a weekend break or a family holiday. Shoalhaven region is home to some lovely beaches, water inlets, lakes and tropical rainforest. 

  • Sydney to Lithgow Road Trip - Blue Mountains Loop

    Sydney to Blue Mountains

    Sydney City has some of the most beautiful landscapes ranging from pristine beaches, national forests and beautiful mountain ranges at a driving distance from the city. If you are planning a day trip from Sydney, Lithgow is a great destination for a day trip from Sydney. 

  • Where to eat in Sydney

    Sydney Restaurants

    Sydney offers an amazing mix of food from across the world. As our nearest neighbours are Asian Countries like Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, Sydney is home to some of the finest restaurants offering authentic as well as fusion cuisine from these Asian Countries. 

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