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  • A day trip from Sydney to The Entrance, Central Coast NSW

    The Entrance NSW

    Entrance NSW is one of my all-time favourite destinations on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Easily accessible from Sydney by one hour drive, The Entrance makes an ideal day trip location from Sydney. The central coast of NSW is popular for the coastal town, beautiful beaches, and laid-back lifestyle that suits visitors planning an extended stay in the region. A wide range of accommodations ranging from holiday homes and serviced apartments are easily available online in all price ranges. 

  • Best things to do in Jervis Bay NSW

    Sydney to Jervis Bay

    Jervis Bay

  • Day trip to Central Coast NSW Australia from Sydney

    Central Coast NSW

    Central Coast NSW offers a beautiful option for a day trip from Sydney. The beautiful coastline is marked by a number of small coastal towns with a very relaxed feel and a different vibe from hustle and bustle of Sydney. Many Sydneysiders escape to the Central Coast for holidays or weekend breaks. Most of the popular locations are located within 3 hour's drive from Sydney which makes it very manageable if you are travelling with kids. 

  • Exploring Nelson Bay and Port Stephens NSW

    Port Nelson NSW

    Nelson Bay and Port Stephen are great destinations for a relaxed as well as adventurous holiday if you are travelling with kids. Port Stephens Australia has the longest sand dunes in Australia and 10-mile beach. With a unique landscape comprising water inlets and a long stretch of sand dunes, Port Stephens and Nelson Bay are great places to explore for a day trip or a weekend break. 

  • Exploring Southern Highlands in NSW

    Southern Highlands NSW

    A one or two day trip is ideal to explore southern highlands in NSW. From Sydney drive on M5 towards Canberra. M5 merges into Hume Highway. Exit for Mittagong from Hume Highway. Mittagong is a beautiful town with a couple of nice cafes and restaurants in the main shopping areas. This place gets quite crowded over the weekends as it attracts visitors from nearby areas.

  • Southern Highlands Attractions NSW

    Southern Highlands NSW

    Planning a day excursion from Sydney? Southern Highlands offers a perfect option for a day trip from Sydney if you want to enjoy beautiful rustic landscapes, cool temperatures, a relaxed lifestyle, and plenty of historical architecture. In recent years plenty of affluent Sydneysider families have bought properties in these laid back towns because of open spaces, bigger landholding, and amazing quality of life at a driving distance from the city of Sydney.

  • Sydney to Armidale Road trip

    Sydney to Armidale

    Planning a road trip from Sydney to Armidale New South Wales? The driving distance from Sydney to Armidale is 585 km (6.5 hours) which makes it ideal for a day trip or a weekend excursion to this beautiful part of New South Wales. There are two alternative ways of travelling between Sydney and Armidale.

  • Sydney to Bathurst NSW Drive

    Sydney to Bathurst

    Sydney to Bathurst is an ideal drive for a day trip or a weekend break. The scenic drive from Sydney takes you through the rolling landscapes of the Blue Mountains along the Great Western Highway. Several small towns along the way provide nice stopovers for a coffee break or lunch. 

  • Sydney to Jervis Bay, Bateman's Bay and Canberra

    Sydney to Jervis Bay

    Located 200 km south of Sydney, Jervis Bay is a captivating coastal gem known for its pristine white sands and crystal blue waters. This picturesque destination attracts a multitude of tourists not only from Sydney but also from other cities in NSW. Whether you're on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne via Princess Highway or simply seeking a relaxing weekend getaway or a family holiday, Jervis Bay offers easy access, beachside campgrounds, and endless opportunities for fun in the sun. Explore the Shoalhaven region's charming beaches, tranquil water inlets, serene lakes, and lush tropical rainforests for a truly unforgettable experience.

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