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Roadtrip from Sydney to Jervis Bay Featured

One of the most popular coastal regions of NSW, Jervis Bay is located 200 km south of Sydney. A 3-hour drive along the Princes Highway takes you through the beautiful rolling landscapes of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven Regions

Driving from Sydney to Jervis Bay NSW

For early morning starters from Sydney, a detour through the Royal National Park along Helensburgh, Stanwell Park and Thirroul is a great way to enjoy the amazing coastal towns with great beaches. The shortest route to Jervis is to follow Princess Motorway from south of Sydney near Sutherland. This route bypasses The Royal National Park and you can save over one hour of drive time. 

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Useful information about Jervis Bay NSW

The driving distance between Sydney to Jervis Bay is 200 km and takes over 3 hours of drive time. The best time of the year to visit the Jervis Bay Area is between November and April (summer season). The Winter season is also a great time to explore the region as you can find plenty of cheap accommodation and most locations are not packed with tourists. 

Enjoy Coastal Views and Lookouts at Wollongong on the Drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay

Old Princess Highway meanders through the beautiful and isolated Royal National Park and connects Sydney with Wollongong. The coastal towns of Stanwell Park, Coal Cliff and Austinmeer. Stop by the local cafes to enjoy a cup of coffee or light snacks. The Sea Cliff Bridge is a new addition to the area offering breathtaking views of the blue ocean with a backdrop of cliffs at Bulli Pass. 

Bald Hill Lookout Stanwell Tops

Views from Bald Hill Lookout 

Stanwell Park & Austinmer beaches are packed with people on a hot sunny day. These small coastal towns are popular with surfers and artists who enjoy the seclusion from the hustle and bustle of Sydney City. Stanwell tops can be accessed from the Royal National Park or Helensburgh exit from the Princess Highway. The former is the shorter and quicker way to reach Stanwell Tops.

Bald Hill Lookout commands amazing views of the coastline and is a popular sport with hang-gliders and paragliders. A Hindu temple is also an interesting place to visit in Helensburgh.

The Stanwell Tops lookout is a great stop for Instagram photos. The lookout commands amazing views of coastal towns along the Old Princes Highway. You can view the chimneys of Port Kembla in the Wollongong area. 

Another interesting place is the Red Cedar Flats picnic area located near the Stanwell Tops. You can enjoy kayaking in the calm waters of Hacking River that run along the picnic area.  This picnic area is located very close to Bald Hill Lookout.  

City of Wollongong

Exploring the Beautiful city of Wollongong- 80 km from Sydney

Wollongong is a major city 80 km South of Sydney. Wollongong is accessible in a couple of different ways. You can either drive down Princess Highway 1 to the South Coast or take Old Princess Highway past Sutherland.

Old Princess Highway Passes through the National Forest merging with New Princess Highway near Thirroul (Bulli Pass). The Old Princess Highway is a country road that passes through historic towns and lazy laid-back beaches.

An alternative way from Western Sydney passes through Penrith, Campbelltown and turns south past Appin.  From the Liverpool region, Heathcote Road is the best way to join Princess Highway near Bulli Pass. 

Wollongong beaches and lighthouses attract large crowds over the weekends in summer. This area offers plenty of open spaces for picnics, cafes, restaurants, rock pools and clean beaches. Mount Kiera Lookout offers amazing views of the Shoalhaven region and Wollongong City. 

Driving from Wollongong to Kiama Blowhole - 120 km from Sydney

Kiama blowhole is a natural wave-formed phenomenon that makes Kiama a popular attraction while driving along the South Coast. The blowhole is formed by waves crashing against the granite rocks. This blowhole gradually builds up with waves and throws out a large amount of water and foam in the air. 

Sydney to Jervis Bay drive - Kiama Blowhole NSW

Kiama Blowhole is a popular landmark on South Coast NSW

There is plenty of open picnic space in the waterfront area and is quite popular with weekend crowds. 

Kiama lighthouse - Sydney to Jervis Bay Drive

Kiama Lighthouse near Kiama Blowhole 

Stopping at the Historical Town of Berry NSW on the drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay

Drive further south from Kiama and take you to the historic town of Berry. Berry is a nice historic town and has a very lively ambience. You can enjoy local horse cart rides and other farming attractions in the town. The architecture of the buildings in the city is quite old and captures the state and lifestyle of early settlers in this region. 

Berry NSW - sydney to jervis bay
Sydney to Jervis Bay
Visit Berry NSW - Sydney to Jervis Bay
Berry NSW

Interesting architecture of Berry NSW

Note: With recent road re-development the Princes Motorway bypasses the city of Berry. An exit from the freeway, however, connects you to the town of Berry which makes it an ideal stop for early morning brekkie or enjoying doughnuts and pies at the cafes in Berry. Berry retain its old-time charm with well maintained historical buildings including Berry Hotel which is the local watering hole. 

Sydney Jervis Bay Drive - Berry NSW

Main Street of Berry NSW

There are many nice cafes and restaurants along Princess Highway. The next stop on the way is Ulladulla which is quite popular for fishing. 

Accommodation can be hard to find at Jervis Bay as the spot is quite busy during summer. If you are planning to look for accommodation online better option is to find affordable accommodations in Ulladulla or Nowra. Some accommodation is available in the Huskisson area in Jervis Bay. Vicentia is the largest residential suburb in Jervis with several holiday homes along the waterfront. 

Murray beach Jervis bay

Beautiful Murray Beach in Jervis Bay 

Jervis Bay Area - 200 km from Sydney

Quick Facts about Jervis Bay

Distance from Sydney: 200 km
Total Covered Area: 100 sq. km

Popular Locations in Jervis Bay: Huskisson Beach, Vicentia, Hymns Beach Murray Beach, Callala Bay Area, Sanctuary Point, Corramy State Recreational Area

Popular Activities: Walking Tracks in National Park, Water sports, Whale Watching Tours, Dolphin Watching Tours, Custom Sailing Tours

Popular For: Whitest sand in the world and Blue waters, Whale Watching & Dolphin Watching Tours

National Parks: Booderee National Park - NSW Jervis Bay National Park 

Jervis Bay area is quite stretched out and overs approximately 100 square km. In order to get to the beach location in Jervis, you will need to follow the Greenwell Point that starts near the southern end of Nowra NSW. There is a $10 entry fee for entry to the beaches. Camping grounds are available in the area.

The sand on some of the beaches is the whitest sand in the world. The area past Shoalhaven Heads is full of coastal water inlets and lakes. This area is ideal for watersports and fishing. Several fishing tournaments are held annually at a number of location that attracts fishing enthusiast from around the world. 

The most popular beaches in Jervis are Murray Beach and Hyams Beach which are easily accessible by car. The Hyams beach area has some residential population along the beach area offering summer holiday homes. Murray beach has a big car park. You will need to walk for 5 minutes to reach the beach area. 

Cave Beach is one of the popular beaches in the Jervis Area. The Cave beach is quite a climb and anon a nice sunny day you might be lucky to see the migrating whales along the coastline.

Cave beach is located at a distance of 20-minute driving from Hymns Beach. If you are planning to camp it is suggested booking a campground at Green Patch Campsite in Booderee National Park.

Camping in Jervis Bay NSW

Jervis Bay is very popular with campers as there are several managed campsites. Private campgrounds are located in several private holiday parks including Durras Lake North Holiday Park & Big 4 South Durras Holiday Park. 


Book Dolphin Watching Tours in Jervis Bay NSW

Campgrounds at Booderee National Park include Cave Beach and Green Patch Campgrounds. Click Here to book online to obtain a pass to stay at the campground . Make sure to book campgrounds and keep updated on COVID-19 restrictions. 

As of late March, Booderee National Park is open for booking. The campsite fee is added to the park booking fee. You are required to keep the ticket on the dashboard if the vehicle is parked inside the park. 

While staying at the Booderee National Park keep in mind the following things:

  • No power supply is available at the Park
  • Make sure to book the park based on the size of your camping tents
  • Make sure to add the vehicle number to the pass you book online
  • Make sure your digital pass is available on your device if checked by the Park Ranger
  • Make a checklist of your camping gear and equipment

 Useful Tip for Tour Bookings

Make sure you book your Dolphin or Whale Watching tours online before arriving at Jervis Bay. The first tours leave around 10 am and the second tour leaves around 2 pm. Most tours are already booked on arrival. Therefore, book online in advance to get the best possible rates. Tours are 2+ hours long. 


Exploring Huskisson in Jervis Bay

Huskisson is the most popular town for water sports and tours in the Jervis Bay Area. Many tour operators including Jervis Watch Cruises have their booking offices on the main street of Huskisson. You can book various tours including:

  • Dolphin Watching Tours
  • Whale Watching Tours
  • Hidden Secrets ( secret hidden coves and beaches)
  • Seals and Sea-cliffs
  • Sailing Charters

The tours start at 10 am and take you around various locations in Jervis to see the resident whales and dolphins in the Jervis Bay Area. The operators provide you with interesting information about flora and fauna and sea life in the Jervis Bay region. Light refreshments and a bar is available on most of the cruises. 

Sydney to Jervis Bay Drive
Dolphin Tours are popular in Huskisson

Join 10am tour or 2pm tour at Huskisson. The tour takes around 1 hour and cost $28. Jervis Bay is home to resident Dolphins.

Sydney to Jervis Bay
Charter cruise in Jervis for Fishing
Cruise tours are popular in Jervis Bay.
Huskisson Beach Jervis Bay
Huskisson Beach, Vicentia Beach in Jervis Bay
Splash area near Huskisson
Enjoy wind surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and swimming
Vicentia Beach is popular with families
Enjoy wind surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and swimming
A clear day for boating in the Jervis Bay
Boat Tours in Jervis Bay on a clear day.
A clear day for boating in the Jervis Bay
Dolphin Watching Tours in Jervis Bay
Book your tours at Huskisson for Jervis Bay
Whale watching and Dolphin Watching tours operate round the year in Jervis Bay
Local tours can be booked online or arrive before 10 am as slots are limited.
Local tours operators in Jervis
Local tours can be booked online or arrive before 10 am as slots are limited.
Tours in Jervis Bay
Dolphin watch are popular tours in the area
The dolphin one hour tour costs around $28. The resident dolphins in Jervis Bay can be spotted throughout the year
It is recommended to book your tour before arrival.
Cruise Chater & Tour Bookings at Huskisson
It is recommended to book your tour before arrival.
There are a number of souvenir stores and shopping outlets on the main street in Huskisson.
Souvenir Store in Huskisson Jervis Bay
There are a number of souvenir stores and shopping outlets on the main street in Huskisson.
Sydney to Jervis Bay
A bar on the cruise serves light refreshment and snacks
View of a park in Huskisson from the cruise
Watersports in Jervis Bay nsw
Huskisson is popular for waterspots
Memorial Walk along the water in Huskisson
Sydney to Jervis Bay Drive - Huskisson NSW
Enjoy Coffee on the main street in Huskission
Vicentia Beach Jervis Bay NSW
Beautiful View of Vicentia Beach in Jervis Way
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Huskisson Jervis Bay

 Where to Stay in the Jervis Bay Area?

Jervis Are is quite spread out and you can find quality accommodation and a large number of holiday homes, hotels and caravan parks along many beaches including Callala Beach & Huskisson Beach. Several three to four-star caravan parks are popular with people travelling with families. 

Callala Beach has several accommodation options including:

Popular options along Huskisson Beach include:

This location gets very busy over the school holiday and summer period. Booking your accommodation before arriving is highly recommended. 

What are some of the most popular activities at Jervis Bay?

Looking for the most popular activities in the Jervis Bay area? Being a coastal region surrounded by national parks, the Jervis Bay area is a great location for a number of outdoor activities including:

  • Camping at one of many beautiful campgrounds including Bristol Point Camping Ground and Green Patch Camping Ground 
  • Bushwalking and Hiking at White Sands Beach and Murramong Aboriginal Walking track (2.2 km), Telegraph Creek Nature Trail & Mount Bushwalker Trail in Morton National Park
  • Hire a boat at Sussex Inlet ( no licence required), fishing rods, a bike or a kayak
  • Try to stand-up paddle (SUP) in the calm waters of Swan Lake
  • Enjoy great food including local oysters at Culburra and Pumbulla 
  • Enjoy local produce at local markets and unique dining experiences at the wineries in the hinterland area and Kangaroo Valley
  • Book a Jervis Bay Sightseeing Cruise Online
  • Book Now Tree-top & Zipline Tour Online
  • Book a Dolphin or Whale Watching Tours with one of the local operators Huskisson Beach

Fishing Charters at Jervis Bay

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in the region as the ocean and waterways offer great fishing opportunities with a large variety of local fish. 

Some companies offer game fishing, bottom-bashing fishing, deep-dropping fishing and drone fishing along the coastline of Jervis, Ulladulla and Bateman's Bay. 



Unique dining and Camping experience at Jervis Bay NSW

Reserve a table at Gunyah at Paperbark to enjoy a unique dining experience in the village of Wollamia near Huskisson Beach. This amazing restaurant offers a unique dining experience for lunch or romantic dinner with 3-course meal offers.

The restaurant sources local produce to reflect the rich cultural mix of the region. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the Australian contemporary dining experience.

If you are planning to travel with your pets, most beaches are Jervis at pet-friendly. 

Interesting Walks in the Jervis Bay Area

For nature lovers, Jervis offers plenty of walking tracks of varying lengths and difficulty levels. The White Sands Walk begins at Vicentina Saily Club and ends at Hyams Beach. This 10-km long easy walk takes you through unique coastal landscapes.

For more adventurous, a 20-km circuit through Booderee National Park is recommended. Follow the signs from Steamers Beach Car Park to explore some secluded beaches.

Tip: Make sure to follow the instructions for safety as shark sightings are occasionally reported at Steamers Beach. Kittys Beach and Whiting Beach are much safer options for a swim. 

camping in jervis bay nsw
camping in jervis bay nsw
activities in jervis bay nsw
camping in jervis bay
camping in jervis bay nsw

You need to have your own transport to explore these beaches as they are quite far apart from each other. There are a couple of nice spots such as Murray Beach and Hyams Beach.

Tip: Make sure you are well equipped with your supplies for the Beach as under the sun it gets sweltering hot, and you will need to set up your beach canopies. 

Note: Always carry adequate water and food on the walks and follow the marked tracks.

Here are some popular walks in the Jervis Bay Area :

  • Steamers Beach to Brooks Lookout Walk: The total distance is 1.5 km, easy walk 
  • Brooks Lookout to St Georges Head Walk: 4.9 km, 2.5 hours
  • Blacks Waterhole to Steamers Beach car park Walk:3 km, 1.5 hours
  • St Georges Head to Blacks Waterhole Walk: 4.1 km, 2 hours


Ulladulla is a major town in NSW offering quality accommodation and basic services. If you prefer to stay in more lively surroundings, Ulladulla is probably the best sport close to Jervis Bay where decent accommodation is available. 

Besides Ulladulla has several quality restaurants, cafes, gaming arcades and shopping malls. An information centre located on the Princess Highway is a great place to obtain useful information about the region and other places to explore on the south coast.

 The information centres can provide you with guide maps and brochures with very handy information to make your trip more enjoyable. 

Kids activities at Ulladulla NSW
Funland at Ulladulla - Kids Gaming Arcade
Seaside cafe in Ulladulla NSW
Beautiful waterfront at Ulladulla
Ulladulla NSW
Mollymook NSW
Mollymook Beach near Ulladulla NSW
Mollymook NSW
Surfers at Mollymook Beach NSW
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Mollymook Beach Area near Ulladulla

Where to Park in the Jervis Bay area when visiting the beaches?

There are secure parking lots available near the beaches and you have to take walking tracks to get to Murray Beach. Hyams Beach is very close to residential streets and easily accessible from the streets. 

At Murray Beach, the water flows in ripples, and as you step into the water the sand is white water is clear and refreshing. You can sit in your beach floats and enjoy and nice cool beer while drifting over the water. You will spot occasional fishing boats and tour boats passing by you. 

Another 200 km from Jervis takes you across beautiful Morton National Park. The drive is uphill and you can see beautiful mountain ranges stretching westward. The region is very scarcely populated and you come across lazy towns with buildings dating back to the 1880s.

Other interesting road trips were taken by Ozasiatraveller: Sydney to Bateman's Bay and Canberra

 Other interesting road trips in NSW Australia




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